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Does an 18 year old have to sign up with Selective Service?
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Does an 18 year old have to sign up with Selective Service?

Received a form in the mail but don't know if it's bogus or not.

Yes, you need to register with selective service if you are a male over 18 years old. This isn't really as big an issue as people make it out to be. They already know who you are, where your live, your social security number, etc. The form is just to confirm you are a 'real person' instead of an alias or shell account in the system. They'd be sending you reminders with your taxes, your voter registration, your vehicle registration, etc. The selective service registration is just a check mark in a database. However, if the form looks 'fishy' you can always register at your local department of motor vehicles.

Even though Barack Obama didn't sign up, you have to........

connor m
yes if you are male and its a federal offence if u dont

Yes, you do have to register. As others have said, it is a Federal law. Will they chase you down if you don't register? No, but you would be ineligible for any type of government financial aid and if you got a job that required a security clearance you would not be cleared. I registered and promptly lost my registration number. Many years later I was renewing my clearance and the application asked for my selective service number. I left it blank because I was already active duty in the USAF. It was denied and I had to re-submit with the number. So yes, it's true.

General Grant
Yes, you are required to register even though there is no current draft.

well, technically by law...yes. forcibly i.e. gov knocking on your door because they "found" out you didn't...no i bet you there's many people over the age of 18 who have never signed up for the selective service

Yep, you have to sign up. It is the law. If you are male and over 18 you must sign up. It is the list where they would get the draft if they needed to. Don't worry though because there hasn't been a draft in about 40 years.

Run till you puke, then run some more!
If you want any good insurance, job, education, banking etc... It will only force you to join the military IF there is a draft. But even then there are loopholes for cowards.

Nope! Not bogus! Welcome to the real world! Join the Marines, then you won't ever have to go in again. :) --Rob USMC

Technically not. Most people unknowingly sign up by having a driver's license.

Every male above eighteen years of age has to sign up for the selective service.

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