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Does anyone know where I can purchase a White beret?
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Does anyone know where I can purchase a White beret?

Army surplus

Boris Rott
Re.maggie*: white berets are worn by veterans of the World War 2 Arctic convoys which took supplies to Archangel and Murmansk in the Soviet Union. If there is a Veterans' Association I should assume that they would be able to supply you with one. If you are entitled to wear one, that is.

Maggie A
Why would anyone want a white beret?

frazer w
try ebay

A white beret is Very Rare but, you could try and buy a normal Beret and use bleach to get rid of the colour, (I AM NOT SURE IF IT WILL WORK)

Liam S

I don't think any of the UK military wear white berets (that I know of) so wouldn't find it in Army surplus.

Try Roots they are the supplier for the olympic berets and make a few different types

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