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Does every soldier carry a gun?
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Does every soldier carry a gun?

I'm a little confused about this. When soldiers get deployed, do they all have to carry guns or is it just the combat soldiers. Say for instance does a mental health specialist carry one? I'm thinking it just involves what MOS a person has but I really don't know.. O yes and another question what do the soldiers sleep in when they are deployed? I know I might sound dumb but I'm very curious.

Eagles Fan 4 life
Yes everyone except Chaplin Assistant

Pretty much every MOS (except Chaplains) get issued some sort of weapon. Yes a mental health specialist would get issued one.

Chaplain's assistants carry weapons too. The only people that don't are Chaplains.

Sleeping quarters vary greatly depending on where you are. I slept in tents, buildings, CHU's, and even the ground during my tour.

Depends on your MOS and where you are deployed. Some medical folks are C.O.'s and won't ever arm. Anyone not designated as a CO will arm if deemed necessary for the local mission. Sleeping Quaters will vary widely based on location from Tents to Hardbacks to existing structures(Hotels/Schools etc).

Acft Maint and got armed on several ocassions. Almost funny if we weren't so scared!

Sandra M
Everyone who goes into a combat area, with the exception of a chaplain - who is accompained by a heavily armed chaplain's assistant - carries some type of weapon. Some MOS's require soldiers to just carry a 9mm while others require more robust arms.

About soldier's sleeping quarters. It depends on where they are stationed. If they are in a rear area, they might be in solid buildings. If you are forward deployed, you might be in a tent. If you are on the move, you sleep in an area that is secured and that may be outside.

I said that Chaplain's assistants carry weapons. Chaplain assistants are some of the best shots around.......Need to read.......

No Jamie, not everyone has a gun. It depends on your duty and location. Just because your overseas , does not mean you get a rifle. Your Mental health type might only get a a pistol as a just in case piece.

As for sleepwear? Most folks sleep in their underwear like the rest of the world.

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