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Does the military consider what type of degree you have?
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Does the military consider what type of degree you have?

I'm interested in joining a military branch later down in the road after I finish school. I'm done with my general education courses and I'm interested in either: the child development major or broadcast/journalism major. I love acting and theatre but I feel that it's better to have that as a hobby rather than a major because I'm pretty sure military recruiters for officers are not going to find an acting major very useful (though it's something I'm very passionate about). I love working with children and have had prior experience, such as teaching kids how to swim, being a lifeguard for three years, and helping feed children in disadvantaged communities in South Africa. Haven't taken a broadcast/journalism course yet but love to write and be in front of the camera, hence, reporting. If I major in childhood development or broadcast journalism, will they look at that and try to connect it to the occupations they have? (such as a position working with television and the public, or working with children in foreign countries). Does what you major in matter to the military? Note: Other than the Airforce. I called an airforce recruiter and he said the airforce is looking for technical specific degrees, such as engineering. But the other recruiters I called didn't have an answer for me because they didn't know (Navy, Army and Marines)

This is for going to OCS and becoming an officer after getting the bachelors.

It doesn't matter. Personally, I think my first unit's XO's degree was in basket weaving.

Yes if will help you get the job you want

Alex Hernandez
You only need an associates degree it can for anything.

The military is looking for people with technical degrees, ie.. math, science ect...

Howard L
Yes and no. A friend with a degree in physics was sent to infantry school. When he pointed out he was a physicist they said the Army has all the physicists they need. They need more people who can shoot other people.

One more thing. Recruiters will lie to you.

yes..and no.

OFFICIALLY and 4 year degree will make you eligible to apply for a commission. There are art history majors flying fighter jets.

UNOFFICIALLY.. yes your degree matters . all Branches prefer Technical degrees or at the very least the higher Maths and sciences. someone with a 4.0 Non tech GPA will be less desirable than someone with a 3.4 Electrical Engineering GPA, all other factors( extracurricular activities, leadership roles, etc) being equal.

for instance, you say Broadcasting/Journalism.. well that equates to Public Affairs Officer in the Military. but the sticking point is: there are few PAOs. Navy, for instance , takes less than 50 nationwide from all commissioning sources( OCS, ROTC, USNA, IntraService transfer) each year

Army and Marines you are more likely to end up in Infantry than you are in Public Affairs.

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