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Higher military ranks than general?
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Higher military ranks than general?

what are some military ranks higher than general that are either used now or were formely used and by what countries?

In the British army: Field Marshall none are now serving The Royal air force -- Marshall of the Royal Air Force. I think this has been held only once and that by Lord "Boom" Trenchard the founder of the Royal Air Force Royal Navy = Admiral of the Fleet except for the Queen who is C in C of all British Forces I do not think it is held. I do like the claim that it's the sergeant that gets things done. I have never served but i have over the years worked with many ex-commissioned officers and N.C.O's and they one way or another will agree with it. in fact one told me that before he was commissioned he was advised tolisten to what the sergeant said. he agreed that each time he ignored the advice given by his sergeant he regretted it thanfully with only amusing consequences

....In addition to the above.... Russia had "Marshal of the Soviet Union" as the highest rank. They also had the rank of "Marshal", higher than a General. EDIT to ADD:- Scouse, there have been no less than 25 "Marshals of the Royal Air Force", (NOT JUST ONE m8 LOL). Granted, a few of those 25 were "Promoted on Retirement", was an "Honorary Rank", and in one case, Sir Arthur "Bomber" Harris", was promoted "months after retirement". The majority have held the rank in full, outside of these examples however. The rank is no longer awarded in "Peacetime", with the exception of, IF an R.A.F. Air Chief Marshal is a member of the Royal Family they may attain the rank of M.R.A.F., or, an Air Chief Marshal may be promoted to M.R.A.F at the discretion of the monarchy, although this hasn't happened since 1992 since the first round of defence cut backs at the end of the "Cold War" The Rank may further be attained in "Wartime". Obviously ANY retired Marshal of the Royal Air Force retains the rank for life. The EXACT same applies to "5 Star Rank" of the British Army, The Royal Navy, and The Royal Marines, with no more Field Marshals, or Admirals of the Fleet currently in service. The Royal Marines are currently the only H.M. Forces Branch that has a "5 Star" - "Captain General", (albeit ceremonially); HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

David W
Marshall of France? Generalissimo Mussolini? Reich's Fuhrer? and when you're a private yourself - God? (Joke. I used to be GOD but now I'm only a General) - seems the the same to me.

It is usually crack-pot dictators, like Napoleon or Hitler who give themselves military ranks higher than General. The rank I find the most humorous belonged to the Uganda President Idi Armin.... "His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Conqueror of the British Empire". The multi award winning film, Last King of Scotland, is an amazing film about the crazy dictator Idi Armin. It is well worth watching.

Old Folkie
In the UK, only Field Marshal ranks higher than a General in the Army. But, it is still the the Sgt that gets the job done.

The most senior rank in the British Army is field marshall. I'm not sure if there's a present day field marshall or not. It's a rank usually only given in time of 'real' war. There's one British Army field marshall buried at Arlington in 1944. http://www.arlingtoncemetery.net/jgdill.htm In my lifetime our very own Monty. http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/field_marshall_bernard_montgomer.htm Here in UK the uber-boss of the armed forces is HM Queen, who hold the rank of Grand Admiral of the Fleet. The Boss http://www.samiesgirl.com.au/i//AAA-HM_Queen_Elizabeth.jpg

field marshal

Actually Chosen Man, In 1976 the U.S. Congress back dated a promotion of George Washington to General of the Armies (One rank higher than 5-star General of the Army). This was done because it was felt that no Officer should outrank the first Army Commander who had done so much to bring the Nation into existence. See below. Joint Resolution of Congress, Public Law 94-479, dated 11 October 1976 provided for the posthumous appointment of George Washington to the grade of General of the Armies of the United States, such appointment to take effect on July 4, 1976. This resolution stated that "it is considered fitting and proper that no officer of the United States Army should outrank Lieutenant General George Washington.

general of the army and commander in chief if that counts

Chosen Man
General of the Armies is 5 star Rank, UK equivalent is Field Marshall. 5 Star Generals did not include Washington, as 5 Star rank was not introduced until 1917. Holders of the rank include Douglas 'run away' MacArthur, Eisenhower, George C. Marshall (best American of all time), Bradley, Powel and many other lesser lights in the USA, and Leahy, Nimitz, Halsey and a few others in the USN, not forgeting that the flyboys have had a couple as well. In France, it is Marshall of France, Germany it is Field Marshall, in North Korea it is glorious leader, Iran it is supreme ayatollah.

Sean The President IS NOT Chief of Staff. He is Commander in Chief. Chief of Staff can be any number of officers and they need not be Generals.

HOOAH! It's an Army Thing
In the United States, there is also a rank called "General of the Armies." Only two people have ever received it: George Washington and John J. (Blackjack) Pershing. EDIT: Sigh. Two thumbs-down from someone who hasn't a clue. General of the Army is a 5 star rank. General of the Armies is unique. See the link below.

The highest rank is,, "Chief OF Staff" usually reserved for the President.

Cory E
General of the Army but this is a special rank.

In the U.S. only General of the Army is higher, but it is strictly a wartime rank, no one holds it at this time. In countries of the Commonwealth, Field Marshal is the highest rank.

Mr Bored sober
In Britain, in the army field marshall

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