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Highest Rank Person In British Army?
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Highest Rank Person In British Army?


Regimental Sergeant Major................everyone bows down to him/her, even the Queen ;0)

David W
Doesn't matter. You call him "Sir" - or possibly "Ma'am".

Field marshal, only used in war time or as an honorary, ceremonial or posthumous rank. The highest rank in peace time is General.

Nick T
As head of state, the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, is nominally the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. Longstanding constitutional convention, however, has vested de facto executive authority in the office of Prime Minister and the Cabinet. The Queen remains the "ultimate authority" of the military and retains the power to prevent its unconstitutional use.

Field Marshall, is the highest rank. Because of Tony Blair though, its called Chief of the General Staff, but everyone in the Army calls him Field Marshal.

black knight
not british sorry and plus im a marine

dave s
field marshall .........

Well not sure if there are any Field Marshalls now .. Quite a few generals , Probably the Queen is the top person as all swear allegiance to her ,

Rolyn- yn flîn ddiawledig
Field Marshall. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Field_Marshal At present it's Sir Michael Walker....I think http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20060130194436/http://www.mod.uk/aboutus/staff/cds.htm

Trust and Believe
Her Majesty - The Queen. But they also have 4-star Generals just like in the US.. I do not know if they have a joint chiefs of staff, but their military system is similar to the US.

The Queen - she is head of all the armed forces.

the queen

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