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How do you feel about 40,000 Air Force Members being let go? And why is the media not covering it?
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How do you feel about 40,000 Air Force Members being let go? And why is the media not covering it?

Helen D
scared of cameras

Well - first of all, the media IS covering it. I first read about it in the Wall Street Journal. Don't expect the New York Times or the Washignton Post to cover this. It doesn't fit their liberal agenda.

Second, what I think about it is that the Air Force has to live within the budget passed by congress - and if that requires a reduction in force, then so be it.

Of course, I'm an 'ol navy man, so wadd'a you expect??

Basically, it boils down to who you ask, doesn't it??

We won! 20 Jan 09 (Erudite)
News to me.

I'm not sure what you are talking about. I know because of Humvee the Air Force is laying off civilians they hired to work on base. Boeing contracts reduction id causing layoffs, but I have not heard off real Air Force military lay offs. Can they even do that?

what are you talking about the airforce is retraining the troops for combat at army posts so they can fight if in a combat zone but maybe your more current than i

End force reductions is nothing new in the military. The AF has implemented several force restructuring plans over the years after the Cold War, all branch of the military have. Today the main conflict the US is involved in, is an Army/Marine war. The Navy and AF are reducing in order to shift resources and financing to the Army and Marines. Another way the Navy and AF are contributing is taking on tasks not normally done by those branches. The Navy has re-started the Brown water navy, river patrol, and is going to provide several thousand sailors to the ground effort and is in the process of sending sailors to the Marine ground infantry training facilities. The Air Force has not been as receptive in taking on the non-traditional task and has to deal with the over manned specialties by no allowing re-enlistments, offer to retrain to an undermanned specialty, transfer to the Army, or finish the obligated years with the Air Force Reserve or Air National Guard.

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