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How hard is Army bootcamp?
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How hard is Army bootcamp?

Is Army bootcamp hard? What is the toughest part? What should i expect in daily life? Can they physically abuse you at all?

I am a specialist in the US Army. Basic Training is not hard. It is physically and mentally exhausting. Youre separated from you all you know, briefly. You will be broken down first, this is to build your character from its foundation. They will teach you the corps values and if you believe in them thats all you will need. You can ask anyone whose been there recently (not an Vet.). They will tell you that BCT was fun. The best reward is going home afterward. When your friends see you they will have a respect for you that cannot be gotten any other way. Trust me on this. Being a soldier kicks ***.... If youre strong enough.

It really depends on what job you signup for. If you signup for a non-combabt job like a cook or a driver, your boot camp will only be 9 weeks (it isn't too hard). On the other hand, if you signup for Infantry or Special Forces, it is 15 weeks long (it's very hard). The toughest part by far is those long road marches with all of your gear. The Drill Sergeants can only touch if you are endangering yourself or others. The Drill Sergeants will frequently cuss...don't be scared of that.

it teaches you more about life and yourself than anything else could. Almost everyone who goes thru it is thankful they did, talk to a recruiter, they'll tell you al about it.

General Patton
Listen up, civilian. I don't need no damn sissy boys in my US ARMY!! You stay at home and play dress up with your sister and leave the Liberation of Europe to the men of this world. I smacked the crap out of one goldbricking yellow dog, I can do it again.

Sorry, just channeling the General again.

Only the Marines have boot camp; the Army has Basic Training. I wasn't a Marine but I've no doubt Boot is far more difficult than Basic. Basic is only 8 weeks (or longer if you choose a field that combines Basic and AIT (Advanced Individual Training like the Military Police field). A lot depends on how much you're willing to work with others, do what you're told, regardless of its stupidity, and think on your feet. Looking back, it was a lot of fun, a lot of work and a lot of BS, but that comes with the territory. Don;t go in there thinking you're Billy Badass and you'll do fine.

it depends on what of kind of shape you are in when you get there. i thought it was kind of fun and challenging. i really enjoyed it. the thing that i felt was the most difficult for me was trying to stay awake during some of the boring classes you have to attend and the lack of sleep you'll have during training. i liked it so much that i went back and became an officer.. i went to the first gulf war in 1991, it didn't last as long and we didn't lose as many soldiers either. good luck..

The description of Basic Training above is accurate. It is not difficult if you can adopt the mental attitude which the Army actually wants.

Do not THINK. If you're given an order: JUST DO IT! Don't reason about it, don't argue about it; don't question it-even for a moment. Don't let ANY of these mental states come into your mind.

How? The handiest way is to just do it--immediately! You will be so involved in doing whatever, that you won't have the mental space to get involved with the counter-productive states mentioned above.

Do not project in your mind about what things may be like the next day. Put yourself in the mental place of being in the NOW. There was no yesterday; there is no tomorrow--there is NOW.

You will have to work a little at staying in this mental state at first. Soon though, maybe after a week or two, they will become habitual. Stay in that mental place!

If you can do that; and stay in that mental place; the Army is a piece of cake.

How hard is Boot Camp. If you are worried do not go, but in my day they would give you a good old knock on the head. granted we had a few that did not get up from those. For you, you might be lucky to get called a bad name... it is all about head games and physically wearing you out.

Reach the place and you will soon come to know.

It is hard for those who lack determination and commitment to their life, community and above all their country.

I know first hand about bootcamp it's fun if you don't mind tha drill sargeants yelling at you and calling you "ladies" (If you're a guy). You have to get up a 5:00 am and do a lot of p.e. one hour before breakfast. the hardest part for you drinkers is giving up all alcahol and all drugs. and if you piss off your drill sargeant he can make you ride the harley. (not the real thing, you have to hold a brick in each hand and hold your arms up like you are holding the handle bars and squat like your on the bike, harley seats are low to the ground, and you have to stay like that until the drill sergeant gets tired. if someone else messes up and won't say who done wrong the drill sergeant will make whole platoon do 50 pushups. other than that it's easy. and infantry boot camp is the same except you go gor 13 weeks insead of the regular 8 weeks of regular bootcamp.. Hope ou like it.


The toughest part is giving up all drinks except water, giving up all drugs/cigarettes/alcohol (this includes tylenol), and learning a new schedule. The exercise really isn't that bad. Yes, they can physically abuse you and often do.

Wow some of these answers are WAY off the mark.

Ok, in the Army it's called BCT. Basic Combat Training.

It should take about 2 months and change. The toughest part for some is learning to follow instructions and acting like a member of a team, for others and i think everyone is learning that in the military that failure is not an option. You can not quit.

As far as daily life you can expect to work and train for about 12 to 16 hours a day. Lots to learn in those first few months in the army. How to march, how to shoot, how to climb and how to work as part of a team. You will spend about the first 6 weeks constantly sore and tired. But then your body will come around and you'll learn that you are stronger and faster than you ever thought possible.

About the abuse.

Your Drill Sergeants can't physically assault you. no punching or kicking. They may make you do a lot of push ups or yell at you but they will never hurt you. First and foremost is safety. Your Drill Sergeant is a highly trained and extremely professional soldier. Drill Sergeants are the best of the best that the army has to offer. They know how to shape young minds and bodies into the worlds most elite fighting machine and have over 200 years of history and method.

If you feel that the army is something you want to do then i say great. Sign up, swear in and join the ranks.

Always remember one thing that has kept me and others like me going in the toughest times. Don't give up on the Army and the Army will never give up on you.

Good luck and god speed.

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