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How is the proper way to dispose of military uniforms?
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How is the proper way to dispose of military uniforms?

Military uniforms(fatigues,bdus,especially) can get you killed. In your best opinion, how will you get rid off them all?

I saw one idiot throw his sea bag over the side of the ship when he was discharged. Too bad it started snowing like crazy, he only had 80 dollars, and he was only wearing a denim jacket. That pea coat would have been warm with that watch sweater and hat.

Just James
you burn them, seriously...

turn them in to the va of donate them to the good will

Hey I'll take them; )

I use my old ones for paintballing and cut the pant legs in half to make some nice shorts out them. But first, your supposed to take off any patches that show your rank, career or affiliation to any armed force...however you can leave your name tape on.


Gotta have more explosions!
I'm the sentimental kind. I'll hold onto my old uniforms and cams, even if I never wear them again.

But if I had to dispose of them, why waste them? Give them to some kids to play with, or visit a surplus center and hand them in for a few dollars a piece.

Oh come on. There is no truth to that. You served too long. Just throw them in the trash. Better yet, keep them for hunting, yard work etc.

Thank ya LD, We finally agree on Something!!

Sean G
WTF? How can you get killed for disposing of old Fatigues and BDU/DCU uniforms?

First of all, the BDU pattern is used by many countries around the world, so it wasnt a sign of a G.I. anymore.

Secondly, All USA issue Uniforms are available from Commercial Sources, so anyone can purchase them if they really want them.

Thirdly, I gave My old OG-507's, Jungle Fatigues, BDU's to My Nephew

Becky P
UCMJ says burn them

Todd J
I'm keeping mine just in case I get recalled.

I believe that if a person has not served in the military they should not wear military issue uniforms and then dispose of them like a piece of trash! So don't buy them if you are trying to look like a tough guy.One time I saw a guy who was wearing a Marine Core shirt come across an actual Marine.The Marine became angry and told this guy to remove the shirt or get knocked on his ***.The guy took off the shirt.I would like to see the military dispose of used military uniforms.If you have served its OK.If you haven't don't buy them.

we gave my husbands to our local high school for a school play. alot of schools keep costumes for plays. ( we took off all badges and patches)

normal trash is fine

take ranks and unit badges off and throw them away

i didnt i still wear mine but if you cant turn them in to a post should burn them or give to homeless

Wash them, and offer them for sale on Ebay like everybody else does!!!

Evil Neo-con Nazi
You can get killed for having them?!
That's news to me.
I still have all of mine, I wear the pants all the time to go four wheeling, hunting, yard work etc. Not much use for the shirts though. If you are that desperate to get rid of them just take off any unit insignia or name tapes and sell them or give them to goodwill. It's not like it's a matter of national security being you can buy them almost anywhere nowadays.

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