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How long after I take the ASVAB test would it take to send me to boot camp?
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How long after I take the ASVAB test would it take to send me to boot camp?

Air Force

MSG Brad
Too many factors to even begin to answer your question. First, and foremost, what service are you enlisting into?

Sweet Tea
Don't get ahead of yourself, you have to score high enough to enlist first....

chris a
depending on what branch your going into it could take a week ,2 weeks even to 4 months , u should know what mos u qualify for after ur asvab scores are explained and told to u , when u go down to meps for physical and processing theyll be able to tell u what ship dates they have available and if u can ship asap or u gotta wait a little while, i personally hate waiting i waited a month and a half and it was killer cuz i wanted to leave in a few weeks but couldnt..good luck thanks for serving

Your ASVAB results will be available within a couple of hours. From there you'll know what MOS's are available to you; if you haven't already selected one. If you need to select an MOS, depending on what you choose, basic training may be two weeks away or six months. Pick something you think you'll be happy doing.

It also depends on which branch you're going into; when I went into the Air Force, I was able to decide whether I wanted to go right away or wait a certain amount of time. Either way good luck to you!

Not long, check in with your recruiter. I honestly bombed it first try but happy journey when you reach boot camp though.

Chuck G
Depends on how you score, what jobs are available, and when space is open.

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