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How many soldiers make up a troop, a platoon, and/or a unit?
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How many soldiers make up a troop, a platoon, and/or a unit?

wellllllllll, it it a mechanized unit, Cav troop, ground pounders, airborne. They all have different MTOE's based on mission requirement, so the short answer is, there all different based on need.

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that depends on the brach of service and the kind of unit one is in! No set number!!!!!

not coming back
which army? spy.

army of ONE!?

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Better yet, how many hot sweaty Marines can they stuff into one of those tanks at the same time, and can I be the pivot man?

3-6 men in a squad. 2-3 squads in a section. 3-4 sections in a platoon. 3 platoons to a company. COntinue with the threes on up.

Here is where it gets intresting. 1 section of infantry fit into an AAV. 3-5 AAV's make up a section of AAV's. 3 sections of AAV's make up a platoon of AAV's. 4 platoons make a Company of AAV's. How many infantery are on a Company worth of AAV's?

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