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How many tanks does Russia have?
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How many tanks does Russia have?

And in comparison how many does the US hace?

Mark F
Around 20,000 most of which are in storage - which is a kind way of saying they are awaiting the scrappers torch. The Russian army is currently undergoing a massive re-organization and transformation into an all-volunteer force. At the end of this they expect to field somewhere between 1,800 and 2,200 active tanks with another 4,000 in storage. The T-64 and T-80 will be retired with the remainder all being T-90 and T-72 variants. T-55's and T-62's are already gone. In the United States the tank park I imagine runs somewhere in the 5,000 to 6,000 range but that's really just a best guess as I have seen no recent figures.

Russian Total Projected strength for 2010 is: 21,820 Tanks (T-90, 80, 72, 64, 62, & 55) 25,975 Armored Vehicles (not including Tanks; mostly BMP, BTR) U.S. Total Projected strength for 2010 is: I'm not telling you. Seriously, though, about 7,000 M1A1 tanks. The total M1 production run was for 8,800, but about a thousand of those were sold to foreign allies.

Like at least 200

If you havn't learned...Russia does not post accurate information of personnel or equipment strength.

Kevin M
alot more than we do. And Mother Russia will never admit how many tanks it has. But China..... HAS ALOT MORE THAN BOTH COMBINED

They have at least, like, 50

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