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How safe is Kuwait for US troops?
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How safe is Kuwait for US troops?

My nephew is in the army rangers and will be shipped to Kuwait at the end of the summer. He insists that Kuwait is a friendly city and will be safe. He said that they'll be patrolling the streets which to me sounds incredibly dangerous considering suidide bombers. Answers from anyone with military experiences or ties to Kuwait would be greatly appreciated.

It is as safe as it is for a Kuwaiti to patrol in central park. He can make it further safe by asking people around to behave themself or else ............. Dont worry it is safe just ask your nephew to always smile and never wave.

don't sweat it too much. Kuwait is rather peaceful. my bro's there and he said that nothing real bad has happened. he did get in a few gun battles, but they didnt last long (he says those terrorists have bad aim).

he'll be fine. dont worry!

hahaha ..take it easy ..am kuwaiti ..first of all kuwait is not a city ..it is a country ...secondly ..if he gona patrol the street which i doubt there is any US armies do that here ...any way, if he really gona be here ..he will enjoy it except for the heat during summer time ...above 100 degree ..enjoy :) ..lol

When I was there we didn't even carry body armor. But we did carry weapons just in case. But from what I expeienced it's not the locals who attack US troops in Kuwait. It's insurgents from other countries (which is very unlikely)

Kuwait is a lot safer than actually being in Iraq. However, there is a slight risk of seeing some combat/ suicide bombers since there are some Muslim extremists in the area. Overall, Kuwait is much safer than other places he could get deployed. We should all remember to pray for our troops....they are the most courageous folks, with some of the most difficult jobs, and they are over there ensuring freedom and justice is served. Good Luck to your nephew.

About as safe as a 12 yr old staying at Neverland Ranch

When I returned from Kuwait from iraq i felt very safe. However, I would rather be in the USA any day.

Just as safe as if he was in Columbus Ohio.

The Archive
Considering the rare number of suicide bombings in Kuwait, probably really good. Its Iraq is becoming a problem.

Reasonably safe.

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