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I failed my drug test for the army at meps(THC). Its been 45 days and am still HOT. Can I still enlist?
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I failed my drug test for the army at meps(THC). Its been 45 days and am still HOT. Can I still enlist?

I had been wanting to enlist in the army my whole life. However I have come across a few "road blocks" along the way. I had been a HEAVY marijuana smoker since I was 16(on and Off). I am now 24, and finally was ready to enlist back in november. I went to a recruiter, took the asvab(passed) and been to MEPs for my physical. Everything went well, except I had gotten a letter in the mail stating that I had come up "HOT" for marijuana. I havn't smoked since October, and still to this day have THC in my system. It's been 45 days(amount of time I was disqualified from the army) and my recruiter wants me to retest, however I know I'm still dirty. I'm wondering what I can do in my situation. I still want to go infantry, but they said If im "hot" again, I gotta wait 1 year to enlist.. I don't wanna wait any longer than I have to, Can I get a waiver for marijuana use if I'm still "hot" at time of enlistment? Serious Responses only please! Thanks, I appreciate it!

Dude, your 24 and still smoking that much weed? But the bong down and grow up. Get clean, and then come in the Army. In my 12 years I have personally been involved in kicking out several weed smokers. There's no place for that stuff here, in my opinion. Do the right thing.

Possible. You can get waiver for that.

nope. In fact you could get DQd permanently

Zac S
No, they will not waiver you for pissing hot. If you're that concerned, then find a civilian lab and have a test done there. Once your level drops to below the acceptable level, go back in. How do you know you'll piss hot? Still smoking is about the only way since even chronic smokers only have detectable levels for about 6 weeks. If I still remember my UPL training, any level over 50 nanograms/ml of THC in your system is considered a failed test. So as long as you test under that level that is considered a passed test.

I can gurantee that you cannot enlist while hot... THC should only be in your system for around 30 days unless you've used again recently. If you are wanting to serve your country so badly and do something so honorable then why are you doing what the rest of the scum / unsupporters do, give up the dope and do something useful. Put down "whatever you're smoking out of" and go run, work out and get your mind off all that garbage and clean yourself up. If you don't clean up and manage to get in somehow then the Military life is going to eat you alive, if you test "HOT" in the Military then it's going to be rough going for you my friend... I hope all works out well for you and I'm sure i'll see you around the service. Good Luck...

I looked at several web sites that discussed this. Most indicated 45 days or so, you would no longer test positive. One said up to 90 days. If you are dieting, it can extend the time because THC is stored in fat cells and dieting can release it. I admire you for wanting to join. I did the same thing in 1968 and served in Vietnam. Good luck.

No i am 100% sure you cant go in with a hot drug test i had to get a waiver for marijuana use to because i had a minor drug charge and i had to fess up to smoking at or around 3 times i was a heavy smoker but when it was time to enlist i was clean for like 2 months just go day by day and before you know it you will be on the bus to MEPS.

oh god...are you serious? if you want to enlist, quit using the drugs!

Better listen to this first, if you have the stomach for it. It is intense. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article18236.htm

Truly one of Americas finest young men here.

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