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I have to pay my ex-wife half of my retirement and I want no contact from her ever. I need answers about this?
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I have to pay my ex-wife half of my retirement and I want no contact from her ever. I need answers about this?

if you havent retired already dont "retire" go to your separations office and separate...go into the reserves serve a year or two then retire...you wont get your retirement till your 60 but you will get all of it

Why do you pay anything since you are Soccerchick hence a female?

As long as this is court ordered, it will be set up as an automatic deduction. She will either be mailed a seperate check, or a seperate direct deposit so you should have no reason to have to have any contact with her at all.

My X-wife (X=unknown) told me the same thing. "She would receive half of my retirement." So I quit the military, so that she can get half of that!!

Considering you are military feel luck that it is just your retirement......depending on how long you were married half is half now matter what it is ....salary, pention, sale of a home......the ex almost always gets a percent....sorry.....there is not much that can be done about it

Have a talk with your attorney. He/She could help you set up a payment plan and deal on your behalf if there is any problems. Keep in mind that you might have to pay them for this service.

Why do you have to pay her half your retirement? Your divorced correct? I suggest you contact a lawyer and ask for advice. I never heard such a thing.

my friend and her husband were sep for 15 year he was afraid she would want his retirement but she did not.i think she is just being a ***** to you i was reading your other Q and if you are already divorced i dont see how she can get it as it should have been settled in the divorce.you need to talk to a lawyer.she needs to remarry then she cant do anything to you.good luck

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