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I want to join Army JROTC but cant swim?
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I want to join Army JROTC but cant swim?

Will the instructors teach me or will this get me kicked out?

They'll teach you.

If you want to get a head start on it, start learning now. Any community pool will have swimming lessons.


Desert Marine
Didn't think that was a requirement for JROTC. All you need to be is in high school and have enough credit hours that you can do extra curricular activities

Its a high school military club. Not Special Forces training. I don't think they are going to care if you can swim or not. The regular Army doesn't care if you know how to, so why would the fake high school version care?

I am currently in an actice U.S. Army JROTC Battalion and this is absolutley not a requirement and will not hold you back from anything, at least in my case, the only time i would have contact with the water in JROTC is if i were selected to go to a weeklong summercamp which 1 day is dedicated to swimming, but im positive you could sit out or reciece lessons on that day, youll be fine believe me

Is that even a requirement for JROTC? If it is, they will teach you or direct you to a place where you can take lessons.

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