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I want to join the Navy reserves, do you go to boot camp after you sign up?????
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I want to join the Navy reserves, do you go to boot camp after you sign up?????

Jeff Cameron
Yes, unlike what someone else posted, the age for joining the Navy Reserve is from 18-39 years old. If you are non-prior service, you will attend 9 weeks of Recruit Training in Great Lakes, Illinois. Upon completion of boot camp you will go to A School(Job Training) of the rating(job) you choose and subsequently transfer to your Navy Operational Support Center(NOSC) otherwise known as a Reserve Center. To talk to a recruiter about the Reserves click here: http://www.navyreserve.com/contact/index.jsp

maybe u should be thinking of something else if you think you go to bootcamp before you sighn up

yeah pretty much... you have to go to boot regardless of what branch, but the difficulty of the boot really depends on the branch, they are all freaking tough, but take marines for example, marine boot is a lot tougher than navy boot...

Elaine M
boot camp is a definite yes for reserves or active branches of the military

You have to 25 to sign up for the Navy reserves. And you go to basic sometime after you enlist, your recruiter will discuss that with you.

If you REALLY want to join, go here. http://www.navy.com/joinnow/

I believe you do just like any branch. Good for you for helping support America! God Bless you!

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