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If it its 19:30 what time is it in regular time???
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If it its 19:30 what time is it in regular time???

7:30 pm

seven thirty pm

its 7:30 pm.

minus 12


You just subtract 12 from the current time to figure it out.

Subtract 12=

7:30, as you subtract 12 hours if it is AFTER 12 and just take the time as is if it is BEFORE 12.

For enlisted :1930 hours is 7:30 PM
For civilians it is : 7:30
For Officers Micky's little hand is on 7 and the big hand is on 6
For red necks like me it Bud time

Just subtract 1200 from it. If it is 1930, then it is 7:30 pm. If the time was a.m., it would be listed as 0730. If it was 2100, it would be 9p.m. Midnight is listed as 0000

7:30. Usually if it is after 12, i just keep counting like, 13, 14, and so on. My husband is in the military and that is the way they tell time. Ive gotten used to that.

7:30 because it is 7 hours and 30 min past 12:00

Add the number of the time to 12 to get your answer. Like this- 1930 add 7 to 12. That equals 1900. Just put the 30 minutes in on it.


The regular time will be 7:30 PM!!!!!

rn annie
7:30 pm.

I found it easier to just subtract 12 from the time. If you can't subtract 12 then you already have the time.

1930 = 730 pm
0730 = 730 am

what is a regular time?

Kathryn P
subtract 12. 7:30 p.m.

7.30pm - its the 24hr clock system, you just take twelve away from the numbers over twelve to find out what (pm) time it is otherwise its am eg 700 hrs is 7am

tiny Valkyrie
7:30 PM

you are twelve years old.....don't do anything stupid...have your folks help you with what ever problems you are haveing

7:30 pm

Navy Sailor - GAI
7:30 pm

7:30 pm. To convert, you subtract 12 from military time for all times after 1300 hours (1:00 pm)

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