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If you have an honorable discharge, can you reenlist?
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If you have an honorable discharge, can you reenlist?

After recieving an honorable discharge from one military branch, can you enlist, or reenlist into a different branch? i.e. honorably discharged from the Navy, then enlist into the Army?

yes don't expect keep u old rank, especially now navy is undermmaned and cut down. If u coming back they probably double chek u DD214 and for pass NJP if u got any. But also depend what rate. some rate that has low advancement rate change u got come is also slim, asku recruiter for more details.

Of course. In fact you will have an easier time than most people because you will be somebody who has already proven himself.

If it's an honorable discharge, then yes, you can. That's why whenever you reenlist they give you an honarable discharge at the same time and then your re-enlistment. You are able to do this, but you most likely will not get your rank back.

Flap Jackson
Nope, it's stated as such on your DD214

Sorry, just got my glasses fixed. I thought you were talking about a DIShonorable discharged. So, Yes you can it's stated as such on your DD214!!

Yeah, but all your officers will know you've been discharged.

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