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Iff we had another world war who would be potentially be the most likely to win?
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Iff we had another world war who would be potentially be the most likely to win?

Out of every country in the world?

1 country couldn't win a world war or it wouldn't be a world war!! NATO forces should win but it depends on factors, where is it taking place who is attacking and who is defending, who controls the main battle areas, who is on who's side , it's a pretty impossible question really, but guess would come down to nobody winning with todays technology a full scale all out world war would probably be the end of us all simply by the pressing off big red buttons !!

Well, if we're all allowed to have allies, it'll be all the NATO countries hands down. This is conventional war, mind you. If it comes to nukes, NATO countries will still probably win, but there will be a LOT more devistation. A lot of people are gonna say that China will win, due to sheer manpower. Well, that may have been true in Korea, but with today's militaries, manpower is not as significant of a determining factor.

U.S. Is a superpower. We are capable of mass producing weapons, aircraft, etc. What we don't know, is what exactly a country we'd fight is capable of, along with their allies. So we can't really say who will win, if they won, we would most likely lose our power of being a superpower. Instead of being the world police, we'd be an independent country.

China- people power always wins over technology i'm afraid! Austin! I totally disagree with your rationale. On what basis do you base technological superiority an advantage to winning total war? It never helped the Germans in WW1 & 2 or in Vietnam.

Sister Punchface
Depends who sides with who and who is the most mental that they nuke everything in site.

My money is on Angola, I love an underdog and I think they are highly underrated.

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