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In Military terms what does LT stand for?
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In Military terms what does LT stand for?

Watching a lot of Military films I have noticed that that a lot of the guys refer to their leader as LT. Does this just stand for Lieutenant or does it mean something else? I had read somewhere that it just means 'the top man' so to speak.


Warbird Pilot
As everybody said, it's Lieutenant (left-- in the UK, loo- in the US). In most branches, it's not, how to put this, full respect. Kinda like when a Navy enlisted refers to an officer as Mister -- yes, it's respectful and he can get away with it to most junior grades. But, there are more respectful monikers he could use. Understand this isn't written anywhere. I had a Squadron Commander I never called anything but "Boss" or "Sir" that I'd have gone through Hell for. His replacement was called "sir" or "colonel" and I would have done my job, helped my mates and that's about it.

LT stands for Lieutenant. In the US Army, US Air Force, and US Marines, O-1 pay grade is Second Lieutenant and O-2 pay grade is First Lieutenant. In the US Navy and US Coast Guard, O-2 pay grade is Lieutenant Junior Grade and O-3 pay grade is Lieutenant. In the Army, we frequently refer to or address our Lieutenants as their rank or position (LT, PL, XO). PL is Platoon Leader, which is usually the first leadership assignment for a Lieutenant. XO is Executive Officer, which at the company level is usually a Lieutenant. http://www.defenselink.mil/specials/insignias/officers.html

Lieutenant Pronounced Lefftenant in the UK and Lootenant in the US It's a French word meaning "place holder" and originally designated an officer who would take the place of and/or represent his superior (ie a Captain)

Lieutenant.. depending on Branch.. anywhere from O1 to O3 Ell Tee is just a shortcut.

Little Todger. It is an insult that could lead to you being court martialled so careful who you use it on!

LT is the abbreviation for Lieutenant


Lady Godiva
Lieutenant. Pronounced "left-tenant" sometimes... I say LOO-tenant.

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