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In open war could Australia defend itself?
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In open war could Australia defend itself?

Ridiculously unlikely but consider... Massive coastline Sparse population Huge distances between military instillations Small standing army compared to neighbours Purely Logistically. Their is no guarantee the USA or ever other Commonwealth countries would send in the cavalry.

Gershon ben David
Australia has a small but strong army which could provide first line defence against an invading force, say from Indonesia. However the Australian Army would not be able to defend the country against a mass invasion. In that case Australia would need help from the traditional allies, such as the UK and USA.

Tempest Steel
If you think about it, a invading army could gain a beach head. This is true but Australia is a huge land and so it would take more soldiers than any one country possess to claim Australia. Resistance forces would spring up at the drop of a hat, the economy of the invading country would go down the sh*t hole because they would have to fund a invasion that could last years. The amount of allies that Australia has would come to our aid very quickly. In open war Australia could be invaded but then again so could the USA or China or England. Every country can be invaded. It is wither or not a country has the will to push back the invasion and I think that Australia could.

First of all, who doesn't like Australia? Second, they have lots of allies to help if they need it.

Gotta have more explosions!
"Massive coastline Sparse population Huge distances between military instillations Small standing army compared to neighbours" You're dead right. Most of the full time Australian Army is based up north, in utter dumps like Townsville and Darwin. On the plus side, there's a lot of ground to cover, even for a particularly large army. A county like Indonesia may not find the task of invading possible, but someone like China may find it plausible. Either way, it's unlikely anyone would want to invade us and we'd be counting on the Americans and close allies for support if there was any genuine threat we couldn't handle alone.

For the size of their Military, compared to the size of their country, it would be hard to defend anything except the most strategic areas. All they would have to do is hold on for a couple of months, then the power of US, Britain, Canada would come to bear (just to name a few). Australia has been a staunch ally to the democratic style countries. They have sent troops to fight in the Boer War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Borneo, Malaya, and the invasion of Iraq in 2003. With that kind of resume, the countries I have mentioned above will not let them fall.

If not for the United States,Australia,like many other American allies,would surrender over the telephone.

Don't not underestimate our friends from the land down under. The Aussies are a capable bunch. But if need be they have us the the Brits to help. Just uniting in the spread of global democracy.

Iraq can't defend itself are you on crack? Reader above me. Its not a war its an occupation get it right. Partisans are hard to deal with. Australia would be defended by the US. You should be sending your troops to help us out honestly. The US has aided and would aid you again. Don't be such cowards.

you had better be bale to defend yourselves..your nz last line of defense...

CakeHoleMole =P
We'll i hope we could..... But you see thats why i think we shouldn't send Aussie troops to other countries, because.... we're giving foreigners a reason to want to attack Australia-buy helping other countries enemies,if you get me....

Zone, the Professional
huge distances and small no of personel yes, but we have one of the best standards in millitary training in the world. we have plenty of money.... not to mention plenty of URANIUM if we really needed them in life or death situation. also, we are allies with USA and brits... dats also a good backup to have.

Stephen B
australia's defence is based on alliances (anzus) with the assumption that if attached USA will rescue us (since we helped in vietnam iraq afganistan) big mistake if attacked USA will consider IT'S best move and if feels it is best for it's needs to sacrifice australia will do it in a heartbeat

Brown eyes
yes if iraq can defend self from bush

The answer is as ridiculously obvious as the question is irrelevant.


jay R
lol no it couldnt, but nobody will ever, EVER declare war on just australia and we know that, so y waste all our money?

Maybe in the past, but with modern warfare, I doubt it.

Hannical B. Rules
lol, I mean to answer your question I doubt it. But realistically who hates Aussies that much?

Stacy C
It wouldn't have to worry... America would stick its nose in it and fight the war for them... No worries, Mate!!

Probably not by itself. but too many other countries would defend it so thats not really a problem.

No...that's why we need to stay tight with our Allies.......

eamonn d
no chance!

its pretty much apart of great britain, so yes

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