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In the last century, it has been the USA that has declared on war on the most countries??
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In the last century, it has been the USA that has declared on war on the most countries??

What do you think about that and why do you think it is the USA? All SERIOUS answers PLS!! I only want your views!!

Um, it has been involved in lots of conflicts but most were police actions, such as the Korean War. It is quite a miltary state and has slightly Impieralistic views. They seem to think ( the government, NOT the people in general) that America is the best, so therefore want to Americanise the world. Oh, and they're Islamophobic and scared of socialism.

I hate to burst all your bubbles PPL, the most warlike country of the 20th C is mine, the UK. Since the end of WW2 we have only had one year (1968) when British troops were not in one conflict or another. As to declaring war, that is not the point, people die just the same whether you declare war or not.

USA might declare war but the violence began way before that.

because the us is the most stupid countrie in the world, they want us all to be obese and eat there crap food and watch there shit films

I think you need to do research on all these wars you believe the USA declared war on. We were dragged into more than we started.

For business, and appropriation of foreign resources.

The Beast
Many serious wars in our recent history were not started by the USA. But I'm sure there are MANY MANY people thankful that the USA got involved. Otherwise we'd all be speaking German now. I believe the USA is convinced its freedom-oriented governing process is the best for human rights and quality of life, and when extremes go the other way, with dictatorships, totalitarianism, and complete disregard for the well being of the pupulation, the USA sticks its police-nose in to ensure that people aren't being killed en masse for no reason. Your statement makes it sound like the USA is a war mongering machine that seeks conflict. I don't believe that is the case.

Nerdbot 5000
What are you talking about? America hasn't declared war since WWII. America doesn't declare war anymore because it would never get the approval of Congress, the representatives of the populace. America just polices the world and nobody likes it when police abuse their power.

The next Empire, and then the fall Cant wait for the second part Maybe because the government, the people in it with their ulterior motives, scare you to the point of making you paranoid about "threats". Life isnt perfect You have to die when you have to die Can you live with the fact that hundreds of innocent people died to make you 'safe'?

Dave S. is right. The US has actually never declared war on a country that wasn't already at war. The US has joined into wars that were already in progress. The big deal in the US about the beginning of the war in Iraq was that it was the first time that the US had declared war on a country without being struck first (and by that I'm not talking about 9/11 since there was no link when Bush began the war). Congress is the body to declare war, not the President. He asked them for permission to fund a defense and used it in an offensive move, claiming that by giving him money that the Congress had implied permission, which they hadn't given. If you have examples of other wars that the US has declared in the last century, please share those since I've never heard of them.

joseph m
the usa has only declared war twice in the last 90 years 1916/1941

nick c
No it hasn't. Nazi Germany declared war on more countries. Like Poland, Ukraine, France, England, Spain etc. The US has only declared war on a couple. Afganistan, Iraq. The others like Vietnam, and Korea, were conflicts and police actions.

We just declare war on Evil Dictatorships. It was to save your pitiful a**es. Don't you remember your country begging us to save you?

The USA has declared war after being attacked and that has been 2 times. WWI and WWII. I don't know what country you are from but I would suggest that you read the History of warfare or World History.

Dave S
Technically they have have not ever officially declared war in the 20th century- the President just asks for money to commit troops to get around asking Congress to declare war.

USA is still a relative new country by European standards and it has probably felt it needs to flex its muscles to fit in with the older more established countries, by engaging in war and spreading its principles of 'Freedom ;)

Walter Ridgeley
From time to time and when it is in its best interests the US takes it upon itself to clean up some of the world's many messes. That's it - not particularly complicated.

Maybe because they see themselves as world police - At the end of the last century they were the only superpower left in the world and it can be seen and it can be seen that the duty of the strong is to look after the week. Are you sure that the USA has declared the most wars? How about Iraq and Israel

Brand X
By that arg, the USA was a greater threat to world peace in the 20th century than Hitler. I suggest you find a new way to measure.

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