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In the military world what does MOS stand for?
Find answers to your legal question.

In the military world what does MOS stand for?

and what does it mean?

In the United States Army MOS stands for Military Occupation Specialty, or your job. Here are some common varients: PMOS (Primary MOS), this is the job you are currently trained for and used for assignment purposes SMOS (Secondary MOS), this is a job you have trained for previously DMOS (Duty MOS) this is the job you are currently performing Often times the difference in PMOS and DMOS is a matter of skill level or Additional Skill Level or ASI. A full MOS line will look like: 68W1O00FR 68 -- Career Management Field (CMF) for Medical W -- Healthcare Specialist 1 -- Rank of PV1 through CPL O -- No special qualifications (P is for parachutist, R is for Ranger) 00 -- No additional skills (these are only valid for certain MOS's such as you must be a 68W to be a M6 or Practical Nurse) FR -- Language Code (FR denotes certified in French)

Missing My Marine!!
Military Occupation Specialty is right. And it means "what your job title is." My husband's MOS is rifleman, which is abbreviated with a number (0311) as all MOS' have a number assigned to them.

It is just a number used by each branch to identify a job description.

military occupatonal specialist

3rd parties for REAL CHANGE
Military Occupational Specialty. Your job

Military Occupation (something)

military operating standards. (guessing)

Career field. USAF calls it by AFSC (Air Force Specialty Code).

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