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Is a 69 on the asvab a good score?
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Is a 69 on the asvab a good score?

The 69 is your AFQT score. It is used for eligibility only and isn't used to determine jobs. Go to this web site for a complete explanation of how the different branches figure scores for each job. This list is not official but will give you a general idea of what jobs you may qualify for. Only a recruiter or the MEPs center can access the current jobs list. http://usmilitary.about.com/lr/asvab_scores/345799/2/

Brian E
Its not great, I scored a 70, I'm not content with my score but it doesn't limit me from many jobs. If I felt the desire to I would retake it. So look at your jobs, if you scored high enough for the jobs you want than a 69 is a good score. For the Air Force the only jobs I didn't qualify for were the high mechanical jobs. Not of my interest. So, look at the jobs you want and look at your score.

aaron b

Its just fine.. You have a lot of jobs to pick from!

Alex H
Well, you're not retarded, but you ain't anything special.

I'm so sick of this question, anyone else?

You did better than 69% of the people who took it.

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