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Is it a bad idea to join the military right after high school and not go to college?
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Is it a bad idea to join the military right after high school and not go to college?

michael n
if you want to make a career out of it no. if you dont, yes.

No because later on after your term, the gov. Pays for your collage

It depends completely on the person and what he or she wants to do in life. There's no single "correct" answer to your question.

wesley w
You can get engineering, chemicals, etc degrees in some military specialty training camps. Though one from college would probably be better.

Jack Daniels
go to the reserve. as shown to me from seeing family go overseas it isnt a pleasant experience. but if you DO want to go to college also just join the reserve for awhile

The army will pay for your schooling. They will also pay you to go to school. You can do what is know as a split op where they split BCT and AIT at different times rather then sending you back to back. The only benefit of going to college first is that you can go in as a SPC, finish BCT and AIT, got straight to getting your commision which means making more money, having more power, and more responsibility. It's better to go in as a low rank, work up to an NCO, and then go commission. This ensures that you have better leadership skills before becoming an officer in the military.
I am a recruiting assistant for the Army RESERVE so if you want to know more information I will fill you in. I am also a Human Resources Specialist and know military regulation and ect. You can email me at pfcmorgan42a@yahoo.com (the email was made before I was promoted). I will give you my military email if after you email me that youre interested.

It is a bad idea to go to college if you have no idea why you are going and no way to pay for it. Likewise it can be a good idea or a bad idea to join the military right after HS depending on what you want out of life and why you join.

I joined the service right after high school and I am currently a honorable veteran at the age of 25. I got experience in a job, my degree and i used both to get a high paying job with full benefits and I am years ahead of others on my retirement plans (I have 3 different plans) and I am 100% debt free. I am even getting my Masters right now for free. I dont think i made a bad decision.
Theres a plus to both sides and it is possible to waste your time in the service if you dont have goals in place for your enlistment. IMO if you dont take advantage of the free schooling then you are essentially making a bad decision.

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