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Is the Airforce safer than the Navy?
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Is the Airforce safer than the Navy?

Why do people say the AF is the safest of all the branches?
.......and what about the Navy, are they safe?

P.S.... i know the all of them could be dangerous, i mean, it's the MILITARY! but there is gonna be branches that are gonna be safer. Just wanna know why people say AF is safer?

Axel R

The Navy is more dangerous than the Air Force in both peace and war.

Only 0.3% of Air Force personnel are pilots, whereas the majority of naval personnel go to sea at some point.

Naval personnel are constantly surrounded by dangerous substances and conduct boarding operations which, whilst not very dangerous, are much more dangerous than most Air Force operations.

It largely depends on the job an individual does, but generally, the Air Force is much safer than the Navy.

Give it up on safety, All branches rag on one another thats that.
When your times up its up no matter where you are or what your doing. Rember you are a VOLUNTEER in joining either, so the safest place would be in the middle of the northern polar cap.

The Air Force is the safest. Navy too. The Army and Marines are the most dangerous.

True the Air force is much stronger - yet you can live in a nuclear sub underwater for along time - whereas a plane needs constant fuel up in the air - if there is a nuke war about to happen - I would rather be under water in a floatable bunker than live topside

It is true. All barack talk aside. The picture I get from current description is that AF's more like summer camp than military. It's not a slight on em. If the A.F.'s mission does'nt require it, there's no real point making boot camp, adv school miserable.
A.F.'s obviously aviation oriented. To a jet, 10 miles is little different from 100miles. Result will be that A.F. bases tend to be further away from actual combat. Hence: safer.

Depends on what you mean by safe. I did 8 yrs active duty Air Force & currently 9 as a reservist. Doing aircraft maintenance I've seen guys get hurt working on the flightline. Things get busy & dangerous especially during chemical warfare exercises. Concerning the Navy, try compressing a lot of that activity onto an aircraft carrier. It doesn't give you much room for error.

Most of the personnel in the Air Force are not on the front lines. The joke is we're the smarter force because we send officers to go do the fighting. The Iraq war has changed up things for the Air Force. Mechanics, drivers & other logistics types are out where the danger is on a daily basis. In addition, they have introduced what amounts to a combat rifle team school for convoy protection. Basic training is going to be changed up as well to emphasize more combat readiness. We also have our own special forces such as Para-Rescue & Combat Controllers. These guys are airborne qualified & go through some tough training.
Overall, the Air Force & Navy isn't nearly as physically demanding as the Army or Marines. Not everyone is considered a basic rifleman or expected to lug a 60lb pack.

I ask people what is their motivation for going into the military. If it's to learn a technical skill, I suggest the Navy or the Air Force. If they want to "live the adventure", I suggest the Army or the Marines. I'll probably catch some crap for saying that, but WTF! LOL

have you heard of many concrete runway drownings lately-how about reactor accidents on air force bases,join the AIR FORCE ,leave the camping to the army and the painting and firefighting (ask ANY NAVY VET ) to the navy-lol

Unless you are a Navy medic with the Marines the Navy is probably safer. We are fighting a war against an enemy that has no Air Force or Navy. The Air Force has men on the ground and flying in Iraq.

Look at the number of deaths in Iraq. The air force has the fewest. Fewer people over there for support purposes for the AF. Navy personnel actually go into combat with the Marines. The Army is obviously dangerous. When I was in Iraq we were sitting ducks on a slow-*** ship. Lucky for us that scuds aren't very accurate. My brother is AF. He never left the states. Never even came close. I never worried about him.

Richard M
The Air Force has added ground combat style training to their Boot Camp, since the reality is that forward deployed units are facing insurgent attacks.

Navy is still the safesy. Not many U-Boat attacks.

there no such thing as who is the safeties.there all dangerous jobs .so if your afraid of dieing or something like that don't join the service

As you just said...you understand that it could be dangerous because it is the Military.

But, yes, people do refer to the Airforce and being the safest because, Airmen tend to have lower standards to enforce than other branches.

This is kind of an age old thing. Other branches always thought Air Force as kind of pansies.

We are the youngest service........we are only 59 years old and derived from the Army
Our basic training used to be shorter. (I believe its about as long as Navy Boot Camp now)
We only handle our weapons every 2.5 years for training.
Our physical fitness standards are a bit more laxed than others.
Our base facilities tend to be of better quality. Though I found that a little hard to believe. I've been to Army Posts and Naval Stations.
We are not taught hand-to-hand combat
Nor do we have an infantry.

I remember in your last question you wanted to make sure you had time to spend with your wife.

In the Navy, you are out to sea quite a bit. Yes, you do get shore duty from time to time, which is about 3 yrs. But, you can be out to sea for as long as 9 months.

But, then again in the AF you can wind up getting stationed somewhere in which you will not be able to bring your wife for a Year.

So, really its up to you.

My Brother is in the Navy (11 yrs.) and he loves it. He has a wife and 3 kids.

I was in the AF and I loved it. But, I was also single. I didn't have to worry about anyone but myself.

Shaula Brandt
Because you can blow things up and be 10,000 miles from the front line.

Actually, the Air Force has more specialties that do not require you to be right on the front line or does not put you directly into harm's way. Combat aircraft provide for the most hazard, flight crew and those who load munitions (BB Stackers).

I'd say if you want to enlist in the Navy & be somewhere (somewhat) safe, don't sign up to be a marine. SIgn up to be a sailor.

I'm sure Air Force will be safe too. But I bet you have to know something about flying or mechanics to get a job in a not-hot spot.

both are safe they stay away from all the fighting they leave the fighting to the real men the army and marines

Not if you crash your plane into a ship...........lol

The Navy is the place to be. You will see things you will never be able to fully explain to your friends.


Mark W
First of all, Navy and Air Force are now training for Combat Duties beginning in Basic Training. Air Force and Navy now have to provide their own security convoy patrols in Iraq and provide security for the Army and Navy often.

Though less Navy and Air Force have died there, percentage wise, they have more fatalities than the Army. Also, because the Air Force is the smallest branch, they are being deployed more rapidly to handle an ever increasing mission load. Therefore, with the newest changes in Iraq, Air Force and Navy are more likely to end up in Iraq. Just as the Army Reserves and National Guards are most likely to deploy (80%). Active Army are lessing the deployments, allowing the Air Force and Navy to conduct the rebuilding of Iraq, and prepare for the next war. The Marines have the highest casualty rate of all.

The Army also allows EVERYONE to choose their job, the Air Force and Navy may be considered more technical, but based on the percentage of people that get open contracts (60% of Air Force enlistees are open contract-no job guarantee and 83% of those in the Navy have a guaranteed job OR field). Hotel Management or Laundry are so high tech, aren't they. If selected for something like that, you are stuck with it for 3-6 years.

The choice is yours. The safest place in Iraq, in a tank. If you are scared to go, then don't enlist. We don't need a weak link running at the first sign of having to do your job. If you want to do your part and make a difference in the lives of those in Iraq, enlist now.

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