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Is the US technically at war with North Korea?
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Is the US technically at war with North Korea?

My understanding is that there was a cease fire, but no peace treaty in the Korean war. Is the US still at war with North Korea?

Jonathan H
there just making threats

Technically were not at war with North Korea. Even during the Korean war the U.S. was not technically at war because we never declared war. The same with Iraq and Afghanistan. We are technically not at war with them because we never declared war.

War was never declared, which is a function of the US COngress. It was considered a "Police Action", as was the Vietnam war.

Yes, hostilities ended with a cease fire in 1953, but the war has never been ended.

Yes Sir...That is Correct... Also remember that this is also a "UN Police Action" since 1950... Shows you how impudent the UN is... They never finish anything they start...

There was an armistace, no peace treaty. A state of war still exists but it is not with the US, per se, but with the UN, of which the US is the designated UN representative at the "Peeace Village" in the DMZ.

North Korea is technically at war with South Korea right now because the two countries signed an armistice on July 27, 1953.

you are correct, we remain technically at war with n korea.

Yes. They signed a truce, not a peace treaty. They are technically at war.

Merchant of Death
South Korea and the UN are, not necessarily the US directly.

hope not

harry g
yes the conflict was never ended but ceased fire.

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