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Joining British army at 16?
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Joining British army at 16?

Hi, i'm unsure whether i should join the army at 16. I would join after my Gcse's and i probably will get quite a few passes but i don't know if i should carry on to do my A-levels and then try as an Officer. I don't think i will be able to stand 2 more years of school education and i would be competing against Graduates for entry and i wouldn't have much of a chance. This probably sounds like a silly question but should i stay for my A-levels (it would increase my career prospects in the future) or should i just join after my Gcse's? I really want to join the army

If your wanting to join the army at 16 there is no point in doing A levels. I assume your talking about being a solider in the army. if your trying as an officer i reccomend doing A levels or getting a degree

I joined at 17 and, if given my time over again, I'd have stayed on at school. A full enlisted 22 year career - which few actually complete - will see you out of the Army at 40. If the retirement age is 67 then you still have 27 years of work to go through. As an officer you could just end up with a short term commission and be out in just 3 years and looking for another job Make the most of your chance at further education and it'll make a huge difference in later life. Stay on, do A Levels then if you still want to, join the Army. The Army's still going to be there!

Potential Royal Marines Commando
There's 5 choices mate. 6th Form College Apprenticeship Military Job If i were you I would look into getting onto a College Course or an Apprenticeship and get a good solid trade behind ya. If you are thinking about becoming an Officer in the British Army or wanting to go Uni then go for 6th Form and get your A-Levels. Unless you are absolutely sure that you want to go into the Army at 16 then go for it!!! I was going to join the Parachute Regt or Royal Marines at 16 but i decided to get a back up plan just incase of a Medical Discharge or me deciding that the Military isn't for me so i decided to wait get more Qualifications and get a bit of life experience before i join. Best of luck

The One
One of the worst things is ending your Army career early because you end up with nothing else to do if you just have your GCSE's. My advice would be to go to college and at least get a couple of A-Levels, you would need to go to Uni to become an Officer but if you go in with A-Levels and come out with A-levels then at least there are some career oppurtunities for you after the Army.

Do your A levels first, the Army will still be there when youv'e finished, and you will be a little older and more sure of what you want out of life.

I believe the choice is really yours. If you stay on at school to study and obtain your A levels you will have every opportunity to join the Army and possibly become an officer. Or you could apply to join the Army as a Young/Junior Soldier where you will still be given the opportunity to study and/or you will have every opportunity to become an officer or be trained in the trade or career you want, or even both. The Army has excellent opportunities to carve out a career, not only in the military aspects but in civilian trades and careers also. I would suggest you visit the Army's websites at: http://www.armyjobs.mod.uk/Pages/HomePage.aspx and; http://www.army.mod.uk/ Also contact them directly where you should get all the information and advice you need. Good luck Poseidon (Ex Army)

Its up to you really.If you do stay for A-levels you can always join the army after you have finished them. The army pay is massive and its a good career, you wont regret it. If you cant stand school then join the army and do yourself proud.

My brother is currently in the training stage of the army. Firstly you have to be mentally and phsyically fit. I know this isnt your question but listen to me. Your training will screw your social life up. You need to buckle down and pay attention to everything at the meetings! I would stay on in school personally (I dropped out in year 8! BIGGEST regret of my life) I now wish I went to sixthform etc. If you cant do what you want to do, go in the army but join a gym before you do start the army training! Best of luck fella! Ben. BE

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