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My boyfriend is in the military?
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My boyfriend is in the military?

ok.So my bf has already been through the whole basic training thing.But im worried about when he leaves in may=( i dont know how(but we really want to)make it work while hes gone.Can they take people with then to military bases?Like what all would we have to do?Anyone ever had a situation like this? thanks for the tips=)

until you are married you do not exist and may NOT live with him.

Antwoin dodson
Unless you are his wife, you are not going anywhere with him.

Holthar Bluetooth
Get married, then after all his training is over, you move to his homebase. Expect to get a job cause no way can you live on a rookies pay.

mom of 2

I suggest you check out this web site. It is SUPER helpful for military spouses.

But to answer your question after basic training and his job training you would only be allowed to move with him to his base IF you 2 are married. You can move to the town near his base but you would have to pay for everything on your own. The military will not help you with housing until you are married.

Absolutely not. If he finished basic, that means he will go on to his MCT or AIT, and then possibly his MOS training. Now if you think on his wages he will be able to afford an apartment or a hotel/motel for you, that would not even be close to reality. Perhaps if you have friends or fam you can stay with,,,,,,,,, you might get to see him on the weekends but best you wait till he has completed training all together. The military doesn't give base housing to couples who are not married. You are not even allowed to live off base, depending on what rank, without a waiver if you are not married.

Bostonian In MO
If he's assigned to a duty station in CONUS you could move there at your own expense and you might be able to get your own place off base. He might be able to "ghost" in the barracks or dorm, but it will be tough paying the bills if you don't work full time yourself. He won't be authorized to live off base at most CONUS locations until he reaches E-5 or E-6 at least, and that can take years.

If he's assigned to a duty station overseas you are out of luck. You'd be a tourist and would be subject to the usual limited stay that all tourists are subject to (6 months in most European countries, as little as 14 days in some countries). You would not be able to work legally and would be subject to deportation if you tried to work illegally.

Regardless of where you are located, if you are not married to him you won't have unescorted access to the base and won't be able to use any of the facilities.

If you are married you generally can accompany him at government expense to most duty locations, CONUS and overseas. You'd have access to the installation and all facilities, be covered by the military healthcare system (one of the best in the world, IMHO) and be able to live in family housing on base or get extra money for living off base.

Getting married just to "tag along" is a lousy reason to get married. I've seen countless marriages like that and virtually every one of them failed in a very few years. If you are truly ready for the commitment of marriage then consider it. But also keep in mind that being a military spouse is the toughest job that you'll ever have and never be paid a dime for. His job will ALWAYS come before you and any kids that you may have. He will always be subject to being thrown in harm's way at a moment's notice. He will leave some times for weeks or months at a time and you never know when or if you will hear from him. In the worst case scenario, he will leave one day and you'll never hear from him again, not because he's walked out on you, but because he's given the ultimate sacrifice for his country.

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