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National guard weekend drill ,drug testing?
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National guard weekend drill ,drug testing?

How often do they do drug testing once your in the national guard for your one weekend a month and 2weeks a yr?
And if you test positive, what happens? dishonorable discharge?

Jen G
Tests are random, and because the NG is overstrength they will get rid of you.

Matthew B
maybe once every other month or so. and if you pop hot its not a immeadiate discharge. they try rehab first then if you pop again you get discharged... some get like failure to adjust and it just other than honorable but some get dishonorable.

tests tend to be random, if you test positive, you can be court martialed, but more then likly NJP, however chaces are, they will be sent to counceling, forfiture of rank and pay, just for starters.

100% of all personnel at least once per year. Usually they will do a portion every month at random and 100% at annual training. You get caught? Depends on command policy. NCO or Officer? You will be gone with a OTH. E-4 or below? MAYBE they will bust you to E-1 and let you stay in.

OTH = Other Than Honorable = loss of all benefits

Eric Miller
Sounds like they should test you every other day.

Don't do drugs, you won't fail tests!

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