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Reasons why U.S. should stay in Afghanistan?
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Reasons why U.S. should stay in Afghanistan?

Other than American troops being in Afghanistan to eradicate terrorism and reform the Afghan government, why are we in Afghanistan? I am aware of the July 2011 troop removal deadline, but what missions must United States complete before withdrawing?

You stated are objective, those are the reasons and i think they are the only reasons

Hope you can get a logical answer, I want to know too

its an industry thats thriving


btw- july 2011 is no longer a plausible complete troop withdrawal deadline.
we should start withdrawing troops by then, but we'll probably be there until 2014, unfortunately.

Ayana Linval
So that someone will stand up to the monsters that go around selling their 9 year old daughters to men that beat and rape them everyday along with their other 6 child brides. So that someone will try to stop the governments from beheading women for witchcraft, or stoning them to death for being raped. No one else seems to give a damn, more Muslims suffer at the hands of these terrorists than anyone else.

That's a good question!

>"eradicate terrorism"

It's kind of interesting that the "terrorists" we're looking for are not from Afghanistan. Actually the people we have labeled as terrorists are from some countries we're allied with. There are more terrorists in Pakistan than in Afghanistan. The border between Afghanistan and Pakistan (the Frontier) is not controlled by these countries governments, nor have they ever controlled that territory. Most of the territories are populated by various tribes that do not have any central leadership. Not only that, each tribe or faction is on the side of the highest bidder, whether it's the US or some other faction. Yep, you got it, bribes.

>"reform the Afghan government"

Now this is outright cr@p! I won't even dignify this!

As a veteran my main concern is keeping our folks dropped off in that sh|tho|e alive and safe (come home in one piece).

Simple - there are no reasons. The USSR could not subjugate the country in 20 years and the Coalition forces are faring no better. A democratic government can be in place but it is likely to become subject to tribal factionalism soon after the west leaves and the nation will again come under the control of a strong man. It is time to leave.

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