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Should the United States be involved in Iraq?
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Should the United States be involved in Iraq?

Dave M

Vladimir T
For Russia it's very good. Terrorists go to fight there, not to Caucasus.

Big Sam
as of today America has no option but to stay involved. If it leaves now, the puppet Iraqi government will collapse and non-democratic forces will take control. Note: the current government isnt really democratic either but its better for everyone if Iraq is controlled by the US than by: Saddam's goons OR Al-Qaeda OR Some other splinter group It is sad though that the US has used the invasion of Iraq as an opportunity for its corporations (Halliburton etc.) to make miillions of the deprived Iraqi people.

"Big Guns Upstairs"
Most definitely. We need to be there to keep the terrorists at bay until the Iraqi government is fixed and can fend for itself. If we weren't there, we may well have world war three on our hands.

It is to late now to ask this question, we must finish it, and make sure the Iraqi's can stand on their own. Afghanistan is a hot spot and needs immediate at tension, as does Eastern Europe and Mexico. Africa has need of attention from the world community, as does many other hot spots around the world. We are not the wold police, but until other nations get involved with world conflict, we and other allies, are it.

The Mrs.

It's a little late for that question Colin Powell was 100% correct, we own that country now. I'll be shocked if Iraq holds together for even One year if we pull out any time in the next decade.

the United States should just turn that pile of shit into a hugeass glass factory. instead of going in there and dieing so a few terrorists can vote for more terrorists to lead them and call it a democracy. note: it was a joke.

Missouri Patriot
We freed them of Saddam and now we just need to get them standing on there own feet before we leave!

noo they shouldn't i just want the war to end. next thing u know it we are with another war with Russia. god he just wants us to be in more wars before he's not president anymore. he wants us to remember him. yeah...... i remember that president the one who keeps putting us in wars!!!

No. We should be like former president Bill Clinton and do nothing while our barracks abroad, and our war ships are being bombed. You should be proud.

The Wise One
Only to hand the Govt over to Iraqi's once they're ready, clean up the last of the Al Queda rif raff and keep the evil Iranians at bay!

red neck

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