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Should the United States have every young person serve two years of military service?
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Should the United States have every young person serve two years of military service?

Personally, it saved me! Marginal student in hs, ugly family life and NOT a clue what to do after hs except spend the rest of my life in the produce section of the market.

The Navy was the first time in my life that I was allowed to excel and it felt GOOD! I learned a skill, learned leadership, performance under stress and a TON of other skills.

In my career in electronics, I have traveled the world on full expense and been a corporate president. In short, it worked for me.

I also think that it would be a good thing for many young people today. NOT necessarily combat, but the discipline, regimentation and accountability for one's actions. It simply teaches self-reliance and the responsibilities of being part of a TEAM. Having the opportunity to teach and lead people is the GREATEST REWARD when they too EXCEL.

SERVICE might be a real awakening to many of the young people that have lived a life of induldgence, participation awards and entitlement.

It really is a NICE feeling to realize that what you accomplished is because of YOUR EFFORTS.

You go in as a boy / girl and come o0ut a man / woman; many people don't figure that out until they are in their 30's and some NEVER.

USN 1964

yea i mean living in the greatest country shouldnt be free!!!!!!!!

Absolutely!!!! Much of today's youth do not understand or appreciate what it is like to live in the "real world" I'm sorry-but when our top news stories consist of Paris Hilton's dog's newest outfit when there is a war going on (yes, we are still at war!) That is when we need to reevaluate our country's priorities!! A few years learning some hard lessons wouldn't be such a bad thing to start one's adult life out right!!!!

Mr. Frank

No way. One of the reason our military is so great is because it's an all volunteer military

Ron Obvious
I believe that universal military service would have some benefits. I saw a few of the other answers abou how military service would take away freedom and how nobody would want the youth of today defending the country, and I disagree with both. Countries that have universal military service seem to tend towards a greater sense of national pride and unity. While I am opposed to the current military action (I feel it serves no purpose), I am in no means against the military. I'd love to see universal service, backed by an education initiative that sends greater numbers of our enlisted men and women on to higher education. I'd like to see kids with little or no ties to the greater community serve that community. I don't think that you ever truly appreciate what you have until you have had to work for it. I don't think most of our youth really appreciate what a blessing it is to be an American citizen. I think our energy needs to be focused back on the USA and how we are going to progress from the place where we are to a better place. There is no better way to do that than to require an investment of time and service from all of our citizens.

Yo it's Me
There are many that argue that compulsory service makes people better citizens, that it teaches them to get along with other people and to adapt. But I don't think the military really wants everyone, since they then have to tame a lot of wild people (many people do not adapt well to military life). I think it is a noble idea to serve one's country, but think it's better to have volunteers. Maybe if there were enough alternative service opportunities (with similar compensation) then it might work and would be a good idea.

As much as I hate the idea of a draft--I saw my family & friends drafted into Viet Nam--we are not going to have a military left to fight anyone, anywhere if we don't do something soon. Our soldiers are tired and weary and worn out. Now we have the threat of Iran invading Iraq, and who knows who/what else looms. I know that most nations require the two years of military service, and it may have to come to fruition here because we have no back up military in the case of an emergency.

Kayla B
No. I don't trust half of my peers with a butter knife let alone a gun. The draft ruins plans and puts lives on hold of the people who have no intention of fighting for their country. After all, that's what America's about: choice, freedom, belief. To have people who don't believe in war and are forced to join it will make our army weaker.

absolutely yes with no exceptions. Even impaired persons should serve in the capacity they can. Should be required at 18 and if not done sucessfully for 2 years, then no college should be allowed to accept them. They can pick crops, pluck chickens and guard boarders from illegals for the rest of their lives.

Yes they should. It might teach some of the younger generation some disipline and respect. You can usually tell just by talking to a person if they have spent time in the milatary.

No! They get enough volunteers. They don't need a draft and they shouldn't force people to serve.

No. I personally support the military (strongly) and in a little more than a year may join, when I am able. The reason every person should not serve 2 years is because of two reasons:
1. Then the people who are unwillingly brought to the military, are not fighting for their beliefs and moral, but rather almost become a mercenary.
2. Our military, despite popular media reports, does very well. The brave Americans (and our allies) who voluntarily enlist, allow the rest of us to sleep well at night.

No, if every young person were to serve in the military then all of deaths for America's freedom would be in vain.

John B
sure, but it would never happen. Our government, and people would not allow it.


i think so. it would sure make a lot of people grow up fast!
aparently a lot of people dont like my answer. i have served with very young adults. the training they (we) get and the responsibilites we have (even if just working in an office) WILL make a person grow up.

I belive that it would do us as a nation much good, if there was a manditory 2 years of service, but not only the military. 2 years of goverment service be it military, or many other jobs say maybe job corps or peace corps etc etc. The military does provide many more job/life skills than just kiling things.. I would think the disipline taught would help everyone as a whole.. also make a modified version of the gi bill so that it would help make college more affordable upon exit.

Not at this time.

Going to force young people to fight against their own beliefs. Sounds like some other country from the 30's and 40's to me. .

That's a five letter word - draft.

Only if it includes ALL the children of the members of congress/senate and the President and his staff as well.

Yep, a Draft would end this "war" real quick.

I think the draft should be abolished. And I feel VERY strongly about the issue.

NO! Have you met some of our young people...we would be in some serious trouble if some of these keds were forced to serve in the military.

I think they should reinstate the draft.

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