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What's the age range for the draft in the USA?
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What's the age range for the draft in the USA?

It used to be 18-26 but the draft has been abolished.

Alexa Aislinn
i think it's 18 and up. but all i know is that my brother isn't going and neither is my dad or uncle. i'll hide them in the basment under hte stairs. if were you too i hide. they just might start drafting women if things get bad. cause right now were almost in the middle of world war three in the middle east and if america gets involved things are gonna get really really bad. like NUCLEAR BAD!

If you think theres a draft i would like to sell you a bridge

There is no draft, and in the past when there was one hte rules are altered to meet the needs. Generally I thnk it was 18-28, but possible up to 40 (grabbing specific skills, like say a doctor or special kind of engineer). There will be no draft though, probably ever again. We do need more people in our military - well I say that, but we're exceeding our recruiting goals this summer & the Air Force is apparently laying off several thousand people thru this year - but, I really think the military should be growig a bit in size.

There is not one because there is no draft.

There is NO DRAFT in the USA at this time, But every male is required to register for the selective service when they turn 18 years old...

There is no draft... as its been said many times here already... but there is a Selective Service System. Our Selective Service System requires all males over the age of 18 to register. You can register as early as 17 up to 6 months after your 18th birthday. If you do not register, you can be denied certain benefits from the Federal Govt, such as Govt provided student loans and grants. You can also be denied employment in a Government job.

As far as "Draft Age".... I would imagine that its the same as enlistment age... 18-36

There is no draft in the United States. All military personnel, officer and enlisted, serve voluntarily.

There is no draft current in the usa

The Prez.
I think its 18-26, the 18 Im sure of but the cut off of 26 Im only 85% sure of.

There is no draft. If you are inquiring about having to register for the selective service here is a website that has more detail. http://www.sss.gov/

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