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What caused the Germans to think the U.S. Marines were such tenacious fighters?
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What caused the Germans to think the U.S. Marines were such tenacious fighters?

Don't give opinions, give examples.

Battle of Belleau Wood (1 June 1918 – 26 June 1918).

because they got their asses kicked

Alles leben ist Kampf
I'm sorry to tell you, but that story is a MYTH. It never happened. Marines are INDOCTRINATED to believe it.

Jaime Mcconnell
Ummm... while I assume I understand what you are meaning, I can give you a correct answer if you add more info. Just edit some and we will hurry back! ;p

the cause was.... the truth. haha but marines were in the south pacific in WW2 i believe, so im not sure where it came from.

GOLDEN...Is the only RIGHT Answer...LMAO

The Army Dude is just passing wind...
and of course I would really listen to a NAZI...

During WW I the Marines did things differently
than the French & English...
The Marines only took the same Ground Once...
Took it and Held it...

It is fully propaganda put out by the Marines. The Germans barely even fought the US Marines in WW1. They did NOT give them the Nickname of Teufel Hunden (Devil Dogs). This has proven to be a story put out by an American journalist, that never even met a German soldier during that war. In point of fact, he knew basic German, but apparently not enough to get the plural Devil Dogs correct. Teufels Hunde is correct. Teufel Hunden is like a redneck guessin at how to speak in french. This story actually was just in the Stars and Stripes newspaper less than a week ago.

Edit: Passin wind huh Marine? http://www.stripes.com/blogs/the-rumor-doctor/the-rumor-doctor-1.104348/did-marines-not-german-soldiers-coin-the-phrase-devil-dogs-1.130602

I see this opened up the old argument about the origin of the term Devil Dog. Wraeth is a good guy but, he can neither prove nor disprove the story of the term Devil Dog. The nickname has been used for over 90 years, that's some proof in itself. There was never any claim that it was written. Supposedly it was a comment made by a German. Where there is proof is in Germans reports and, apparently, a letter found on the body of a German.

For people who have a genuine interest in the subject, I submit an article which says today's Marines don't like being called Devil Dogs. I always thought that tradition and history were taught to instill that fighting tenacity in Marines. What is the world coming to? http://www.marinecorpstimes.com/news/2008/04/marine_devildog_042708w/

There were several instances where Germans noted the tenacity of the Marines. An account by someone who was there, the commanding officer of 2nd Battalion 5th Marines, says the Germans would surrender when they got into a hand-to-hand situation. "Though everywhere I could see Marines who had been killed by machine guns and snipers, though there were plenty of dead Germans, killed by rifle fire, nowhere was there any sign that the Germans had stood face to face with Marines at close quarters and fought it out. Always when it got hot and hand to hand, they had surrendered." and "The German machine-gunners are braver than the infantry," (Capt.) Wass said. "But when you once get within bayonet reach of any of them, they're eager enough to surrender."

So, what is the written evidence that Germans said Marines were tenacious fighters?

"One of the opposing German commanders noted that the division “must be considered a very good one and may even be reckoned as storm troops.”

"It is known that the Germans highly respected the Marines fighting ability and classified them as elite "storm troopers."

"A German private, whose company had 30 men left out of 120, wrote "We have Americans opposite us who are terribly reckless fellows."

So, the facts are there. More than one report from German officers referred to the fighting ability of the Marines. "An official German report classified the Marines as "vigorous, self-confident, and remarkable marksmen..."

"They used 1903 Springfield Rifles with such effective marksmanship that they decimated German troops from a distance of over 800 yards."

@Wraeth: From your link: "“We have no proof that it came from German troops though tradition says it came from German troops referring to Marines,” he said. “There is no written document in German that says that the Marines are Devil Dogs or any correct spelling or language component of ‘Devil Dog’ in German.”

No one can argue with that. As long as I have heard it, for more than 50 years, I was told it was a spoken remark. That doesn't prove it isn't true. The article includes a WWI recruiting poster of a dog in a helmet. There was more than one of these posters, some without the Daschund. The fact that it was used, contemporarily, is some proof. Why were they using this? I suspect they knew more about it then than we do now. Some have made claims that it came from the Devil Dog Fountain in the village of Belleau. There are stories that Marines saw that fountain after the battle. Well, the Marines didn't take the village of Belleau and that was 3 weeks after Belleau Wood. Marines like to call it the Devil Dog Fountain but, it was there before WWI. The memorial to the Marines is at the battle site at the Bois de la Brigade de Marine.

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