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What did Hitler think of British people?
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What did Hitler think of British people?

What did he think of the British, not just the English, but also the Scottish and Welsh. Did he favour one more than the other? and why?

Wat u lookin @
he hated them because they weren't german , so he hated everybody equally i suppose

Sterling J

Hitler basically hated everyone who wasn't Aryan.

Abigail Michele<3
do you go around bombing your school friends?? i believe that they werent his "best buddies" lol.

I'm sure he loved them all...

He has no personal problems with them, it was the British military that he had issues with.

He did think that British people are very gay.

He thought well of them and it was a war he never wanted( against Britain) proof for that is the characteristic absence of plans against England;the unexpected fall of France so soon
due to the German war doctrine(concentrated armour,mobile artillery and mechanised infantry-coordinated action of armour and Stucka bombers for deep penetration...) brought up a problem;how to prosecute the war after the fall of France;the OKW concoted(literally) a plan "Operation Sea Lion" in wich the Luftwaffe was commanded to gain command over the English airspace which was unecessary
since the Plan envisaged landings and what was needed was command over the channel and certainly that was within the operational capabilities of the Luftwaffe(Messershmits would have adequate operational time to protect the bombers) and with its superiority in planes and pilots over the British the landings would have succeded and the war would have finished in two months...
It is obvious that Hitler didn't want war with the British over the Polish affair(and obviously didn't help Poland...) something which had been recorded in his private conversations and Herman Raushning in his book "Hitler Speaks"mentions all too clearly.

why don't you go and ask him?

I heard he had his eye on my home city of Edinburgh (supposedly he thought it was beautiful like most tourists) to be his Capital in the UK if the Nazi's had won WWII. Thank Christ they crashed & burned therefore.

he was at war with them so he most likely did not favor them.

Hitler didn't think much of anyone but himself and his "followers"

He obviously didn't like them (us!) very much, he was going to invade the brits, but then he decided against it, as he thought it was all under raps. Thanks god he didn't ey! And then luckily the good ol americans came along...

The Bold Tortoise
well, considering that he bombed the **** out of them, probably didn't think very much of them.

inferior is what he thought it shows that you should not judge people dont it

Sue :3
He hated everyone if they werent german but who cares hes dead now

we dont care wat he thought

he luved them ( not)♥

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