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What do Kernels do in the army?
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What do Kernels do in the army?

This kid at school says that her old man is a kernel in the army but I don’t believe her. What is a kernel anyway?

On the question of Officers Ranks in members answers, I would like to point out that the rank above Colonel, is Brigadier.

It would help if you could spell it right.

Born in a field, and destined to die in a microwave. What a sad, sad existance... :(

Keith Lemon
they go pop when you heat them up, and turn into a delicious snack.

Mike W
Why would it be so hard to believe that her father is a Colonel, not a kernel, that's something else entirely, in the Army? There are quite a few Colonels in the Army, it's the next rank after that, Brigadier General that they start to get rare. A Colonel is typically a brigade commander, or a chief of staff for a General.

Mark B
She could be referring to a Colonel (O-6) or a Lieutenant Colonel (O-5). In command positions, a Colonel would be a Brigade Commander. The uses Brigade Combat Teams and that is pretty much the top of the heap. Although the selection is tough, every Colonel is going to have his eyes on becoming a Brigadier General. LT Colonel would command a Battalion. Most LTC and COL will serve in staff positions. They are both senior ranks. Most officers will retire as LTC at the end of their careers

LOL! Fry chicken. If you are referring to a Colonel, they command Brigades (3000+ Soldiers) or serve on General's staffs. Usually they have about 22 years of service as an officer and the average education is a masters degree. Only 4% of Army Officers achieve this rank.

A kernel is a morsel of corn. Corn gets eaten in the Army.

Colonel is the proper spelling and a colonel is a field grade officer that commands a lot of respect and responsibility. They can do many things but are usually in charge of a brigade or regiment (2500-4000 soldiers). They also act as advisors to Generals among other roles they may perform.

I think you've misspelled that word...it should be Colonels. A colonel is the second highest position, next to the general.

Cymru am Byth♥
I thought kernels were to do with nuts...don't you mean colonel?

Colonel is what you are looking for Kernel is a nut!!!!

You spell that Colonel. It honestly depends on where he is stationed.

Are you referring to corn kernels or military Colonels???

Make popcorn Unless of course you mean to spell Colonel. In which case is a high ranking officer who may be assigned many duties. If he 'old man' is a Colonel then he is a very powerful individual with much responsibility.

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