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What do you do on the weekends at boot camp?
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What do you do on the weekends at boot camp?

joe b
it depends on what branch you join also. i have heard from airforce that they got passes every weekend. in the army, the weekends are generally for maintance of your equipment, barracks and for you to rest a little. not sure about the marines or navy.

March in parades, stand inspection from some stuff shirt officer, mop the same floor 22 times, do your laundry, listen to country music from somebody's CD player.

I went through Army basic.

Saturday was no different from any other day. You train. You do PT. You still work a long day just like any other.

Sundays are pretty much your time. All sorts of church services are offered, and if your religion is not there, then find one other trainee who is your religion and you two can meet with the chaplain solo. Or, you can have your battle buddy go with you (always with the b.b., never ever be caught away from them).
Then, after church services, and even during (for those who didn't go), you clean. Clean your room, clean the halls, the floors, shining the floors, your uniforms, your boots, you turn in and get new sheets, you take care of personal problems, write letters, listen to headphones (if your that far advanced and your drill allows it), work out, or do whatever your drill says. Just hope he doesn't think you need some PT, or you'll be doing that instead.

Good times. Hey, if you wanna do it, definately do, it was an incredible experience, I wish I could go back.

weekends? Haha...unless it's changed since I was in...forget the concept of weekends. Sunday is called field day. This is where you spend your day doing such as scrubbing tiles with toothbrushes. There are Sunday morning servies you can attend...that's about the only relaxation we found...have fun on your "bootcamp weekends"...


If USMC you continue to train everyday.
Then finally after them nasty recruits graduate my hubby gets time off to spend with me! then another loooong 13 weeks.. Can't wait to leave this wretched island!

LMAO @ weekends!! This is life education, welcome to the society of real MEN! Just go and don't worry. The more you ask the more we are gonna scare you!

Mop and buff the bay, and as mentioned a lot of people find religion all of the sudden.

more boot camp!

I don't go to boot camp but they run, practice drills, crawl through muddy fields and climpt ropes and climb over walls and run and exercise a lot. I'm afraid I would break a nail so I refuse to go.

Cracker Jack 4
The only boot camp I did was at Ft Hood, Texas in the year of our Lord 1958.

you wash your clothes and just take it easy. this is the time where you can get a chance to write to your family too.

Train. I'm not sure which service you're talking about, but when I was in army basic, we trained on saturdays (to include PT). On Sundays, you have the option to go to church, and you clean the barracks. It sounds crappy, but you can't leave, so you may as well train. Oh, and every other Sunday we went to the shoppette, where we could buy toiletries and stationary.

drill, classes, everything you did during the week. No difference, except Sundays when you get to go to church services and field day.

Get smoked!!! Over and Over again.. Good times!!

Johnny A
That depends. Unless your unit is confined to post, go to the 1st sergeant and ask for a weekend pass. If he gives you the pass, it will have the time you need to report back to post. Don't be late.

1) If you have a buddy with connections, try to get a ride into town or wherever the group wants to go (within reason).

2) If you have no connections, hitch hike to town and go see the local sights. (Ex. from Fort Dix you are within sightseeing distance of Atlantic City, NJ or NYC or Philly. Independence Hall / liberty bell etc.

3) Join a community swim club and hang out with the locals. It's a good way to get away from the Army for a while.

4) If all else fails, grab a book and get off post. I used to walk a few miles to the community cemetery and lean against a handy tombstone while reading my book or just lay back in the grass and study cloud formations.

The main thing here is to GET off the post! If you hang around the barracks or goof off where the NCOs can see you, you are going to be placed on every weekend detail that arises. Everybody else has a weekend off and you haul trash or sort clothes in a green building in the back of the area. They'll also nab you if you come back to eat in the chow line. Buy yourself a burger in town.


Same as any other day. physical training, but also some time for personal effects. Writing letters are highly encouraged.
I wrote letters when I was doing my laundry.
As a soldier advances through training, they are "given"
a little lee way. These times are allowed for going to the PX or such place within walking distance.

Write letters, shine shoes, - I think Saturday is a working day. You only get Sundays off, sort of. you might study too while you are at it.

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