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What happens after boot camp?
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What happens after boot camp?

My boyfriend is going into the air force, leaving the fourth of july. We don't like to talk about him leaving, so could someone explain to me what is going to happen during and after boot camp? When he gets out will he get stationed somewhere? And since we are talking about getting married, will i be able to livve with him? How does all of this work? And if any military wives would be willing to contact me via e-mail and talk that would be great. airforcebratswife@yahoo.com thanks!!

Go to training, then to Iraq probably.

during basic he will learn all the skills needed to become an airman like customs and courtesies,the military rank structure, drills and ceremonies, weapon skills and physical training. after that he will go on to advanced individual training where he will learn a job skill whether it be air traffin controller or cargo specialist or whatever he picked then once that is completed he will be stationed somwhere which most times on your first enlistment they you don't normally have a choice of where they send you but you might get lucky and get a few places to choose from. then basically he will go through the evryday life of being in the military. keep in mind though that eventually he will get deployed not to scare you or anything but its part of being in the military. heck in due time you could very well see a few deployements i deployed last year and will be going back to iraq once again. good luck

After basic, he'll go to his advanced training. After that, he'll be sent to s duty station. If he goes to Iraq, he'll only spend three months there. Whether or not you can live with him depends on where he gets stationed.


Well number one, Air Force has Basic Training not boot camp. If his career field requires special training he will be sent to a Technical school, then sent to his permanent station after that. If no technical school he will just be sent to his permanent station and receive OJT (on the job training). You should be able to live with him at "most" not all, duty stations. Best of luck, you fiance made a good choice

Gentleman 1973 is correct. I was discharged from the Army in 1959 and it still much the same.

First is basic training which all new recruits receive and this will be about 8 weeks in duration.

Next is the specialty training. He will be assigned a MOS designation and that will define the next level of school which can be different lengths depending on what it is.

Next he will be assigned to a duty station.

Most duty stations have married housing but not all.

Boot camp takes about 8 weeks. He will be able to receive and send letters and may be able to make phone calls occasionally, depending on what they give him for privileges.

After that, He will begin AIT(Advanced Individual Training), in which he learns the job he will perform in the military. He may be able to take off time in between or save his vacation time for something more important later. He will have some more freedom during this time. This time frame varies depending on the job he is training for.

When he is done with training, they will assign him to a duty assignment. He has very little say in where this is. If you are married, the military provides housing for married couples and will even pay to move you whenever you are forced to move by the military. However, if he is assigned in a hazardous area, you will not be able to go along.

I hope this is helpful

I was in the milatary. He will get satationd after basic traning. He will have to go. If you are going to get married anyway do it before he lives. he will get more money during basic and you will be on his orders when he is stationd somewhere. outher wise you will have to pay for it all out of your pocket.
The extra money I will just email you.

i was in the Army for 8 years and when I first went in I had no idea what to expect either. Here is what happens.. he will go to boot camp, then to AIT - specialized training for his job.. after that he will get stationed somewhere.. if he gets stationed somewhere where he can bring his family .. ie NOT IRAQ, EGYPT, KOREA or KUWAIT, then you can get married and live together...

by the way the Airforce is the easiest bootcamp and service..

I will give your email address to the Colonels wife. She can answer alllllll your questions.

Milan J
Usually there is an advanced training in a more specialized position after basic training.

i guess, whatever Mr. Bush wants to happen....

he will run jump work hard as hell come home for well maybe 2 weeks get deplored after that .

You join the army. And sadly, you have no idea what they might do to him. They might send him to Iraq or somewhere else or they might send him home. Its whatever they want to do with him. You have no way of knowing till they tell you.

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