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What happens if you fail during basic training?
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What happens if you fail during basic training?

If you fail during basic training for the army national guard and they dishcharge you is that dishonorable discharge?

Actually now if you fail anything in basic training like your final pt test you will be sent home and have 6 months to try again. I forget what they told my husbands company it was called. There were like 20 guys that didnt pass the PT test and they were sent home they had a chose to continue in 6 months or take the conditional discharge.

If you actually FAIL (as opposed to getting hurt or some other excuse)...then you are one sorry, stupid sack of sh*t. And I really mean that.

Entry level Separation for less than 180 days active duty.

Then they will give you another shot. You just have to do basic training all over again. If you fail basic training twice i'm not sure but i think that's it. But they won't discharge you for failing basic. It will just count for nothing and be as if you never went. You always want to do your best though. Work hard at it and you will never fail. The hardest part is telling yourself to keep going. The only way you will fail is if you quit. Be blessed!

Mark B
It will depend on the reason. If you are injured, it can be a medical discharge. If it is a 'fail', that is usually given as "lack of motivation". It isn't really a discharge, you are sent home and the record is as if you never enlisted. You didn't complete the entry criteria to allow the military to discharge you. It isn't honorable or dishonorable.

No, it is not a Dishonorable Discharge... It would be an ELS- Entry Level Separation... like you weren't even there... Failing NG Boot Camp would be like failing Boy Scout Camp...

Wayne C
They recycle you and try again. A DD is = to a civilian felony and only used in the most serious of crimes. If you can't get thru they will let you go via a ELS (Entry Level Separation). It's like having never been in...but they know you have and failed...no discharge, just a piece of paper that say's bye now!

Normally, if you fail during boot camp, you get a Separation. It is not an actual discharge since you were not really "in" the military yet. It will prevent you from going back in or going to a different branch of the military.

Failing basic training has nothing to do with a dishonorable discharge u would hav to do something that reflects badly on ur country which would mean the national guard will want to discharge u quickly

Nick Fiscella
Yes it is, though the proper term is "discharged", as opposed to being "honorably discharged", which obviously would take place after an injury.

nas88car300 Carl E finally wins !!!!!!
its pretty hard to fail you are given enough chances to pass if you do somehow fail you will get General Discharge or a Medical discharge a dishonorable discharge is mainly for those who break the rules/laws

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