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What happens if you get pregnant before boot camp?
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What happens if you get pregnant before boot camp?

If you are already signed up for the military and have a leave date for boot camp, what happens if you get pregnant before then? Do they kick you out? Do they make you wait, what happens?

omg lol thats its the most intresting question i've ever heard !
but im not sure =/

they wont let you continue there

They don't let you in.

I totally agree! Is it happening to someone you know??

Go home and have your baby

Liz O
Yes, you will be discharged.

Here's your discharge papers hun.

You dont go to boot camp.

You could easily have a misscarriage under all the strain of boot camp & so they won't let you do it.

they will not let you go to boot camp i dont know what they will do but there is no way they will let yo ugo.

You don't go to boot camp. If you're married you can still enter at a later date (if he's not already military.)

Then you can't go through bootcamp...they'll give you leave and tell you that you can come back after the child is done nursing.

Me Who
I don't know if you will get kicked out, but I know you wont be going to boot camp at this time b/c you wont be able to do anything.

You cannot go to boot camp. You will be discharged and if you still wish to join after your child is born then you can.

you don't go to boot camp. and if you are single you are DQd from getting back in. if you are married, aside from waiting six months post Partum, you must still meet the dependency limits.

Well sorry to say but if you are pregnant then you wont be going to boot camp. They will put you on discharge, and unless your married you wont be able to join at being a single parent.

Something like this happened to my aunt, you definitley won't go to boot camp when you are pregnant, but I believe they give you the option to go later after the baby if you are still interested.

they drop your contract hoping you didn't go in open mos then you have the choice to reenlist later if you are you need to let them know before you go to boot camp or they can make you pay them back for you ride there and maybe back
Good Luck

you will be discharged and maybe placed in the IRR (google about if you dont know what that is) for 8 years which means that you wont have to go to boot camp or whatever but you can still join after you have the baby if you still want

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