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What is considered Fully Automatic?
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What is considered Fully Automatic?

I know that full auto is that you can hold down the trigger and empty you magazine in 45 seconds, but what about a three round burst? My state doesn't allow someone to own a fully automatic weapons so would I be able to purchase a three-round burst weapon and own it legally?

Melvyn Malibog V

wicked joker
its when hold the trigger down and the wont stop until you let go of the trigger

Jay Reed
Three round burst is considered full auto. Anything over one round per trigger pull is full auto.

Herbert S
Automatic is any rifle or pistol that fires more than 1 round with one pull of the trigger.

A 3 round burst is still considered automatic.

Semi automatic means you pull the trigger and it fires only one round and loads the next round into the chamber for the next trigger release and pull.

For military purposes, Burst is not considered full auto. For federal ATF regulations and laws, it is considered full auto.

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