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What is the best "Special Force" to apply for?
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What is the best "Special Force" to apply for?

I want to be in the special forces and maybe later on become a mercen.."Over-seas Security Agent" but im wondering which special force unit is the best to join/the easiest to pass?? Im stuck on the Rangers, Delta Force, and the Marine Corps. Also which special force unit is the most bad ***? And dont say Navy Seals

Kamal Ismayilov
Before everything i'd recommend you to get a good education or just a education then decide what you want and while studying at university, go in for sport and have a good physical condition to join military. If you want to reach top there are two ways one is army second is navy:
Army > join the US army, spend 1 year and go to marksmanship courses then join 75th ranger regiment or join directly to the US Special Forces( also you can directly enter to SF as a civilian and this program for civilians who has no any prior military or weapons experience is called 18x)
if you would like to join 75th before SF you will go to different types of training courses and training will last 1.5 years and after all courses you'll go to Ranger School and will get a ranger tab. After serving as a ranger then join to Army SF and you'll go to 1+ year of intensive, specialized training to be a SF soldier. Also if you are enlisted you'll have to remain at service minimum of 2 years after SF training. Spend your 2 years with going to HALO/HAHO, Combat Divers, SOTIC(Spec Ops Sniper), Cold Weather, Urban Warfare etc courses. Then try Delta Force which is the most bad*** special forces unit in the US army. You will be trained 6 months of training and you will have to serve at Delta minimum of 2.5 years after 6 months of training.
If you wanna be Navy's the best: Join Seals, spend few years in a seal team and then join NAVY DEVGRU(or Navy Seals Team 6) it's Delta Force's alternative maritime counter-terrorism unit.
Then if you would like to go to the world's (not the US's) the best unit>>> CIA SAD/SOG:
SAD means> Special Activities Division and there are two groups 1 for political action and members of that group is called Specialized Skills Officer 2nd group is Special Operations Group and members is called Paramilitary Operations Officer. 2nd group(SOG) of SAD is the best unit in the world. Because they are former Delta Force, Army Special Forces, 75th Rangers. You have to have a bachelor's degree to join CIA SAD. You will go to 12 months CIA special training to be the best. After the training you will be James Bond. Don't listen to these guys who say > you play too much COD. If you have a love to military, weapons then just follow your track like me (I don't play COD or like this games and i'm not even living in the US but i have a plan. Even as a foreign i love the US, US military and i love just special operations. I can also be in the UK special forces but it's different felling toward the US as the same to my country. I love the US as my country that's why i want to serve in the US army. But as a person before everything, i'd recommend you getting a good or just a education. Good luck to you in your way! Hope you'll reach to the TOP and maybe we will be colleagues in SAD,DELTA or SF :):):) And also Marines aren't special forces. If you are looking for the best to join/the easiest to pass don't join because i think military is for people who really want to be a military man who think they will always serve or for a long time(minumum of 8-10 years) to military. If you join and left army after few years you'll destroy your life. If you have no any education, military is the best way if you aren't looking for a easiest way. For now, again don't forget military and also don't dream everyday just get a education if you can get, then decide which you want > being a military man who will be 1 of the best or a person who will live as a civilian. Both are good life. But it depends on person's carachter. If you are looking for easy way 1st way (military) isn't for you.

stay in school and get educated.


I don't think you know enough about the military to join I'm not in the military and could still tell you the marine corps aren't a special force

Blue Devil
You've got to be joking.

Re-read your question. Are you serious? Unless you grow up and stop playing COD you don't have the slightest chance at getting into any elite group. Because they are mature adults, not kids.

The US Army Rangers and Marine Corps are trained to do the same thing. They are different to the US army while the Delta Force are some kind of counter terroist group. I'm no expert, but that's all I know and I'm right! In my opinion the most bad *** is the Marine Corps, but they have a high death rate.

Wow. Really?
If you want to be a overseas security agent, it doesn't matter what you do. They recruit you. I'm color blind. I'm infantry. I can't be airborne, because you have to have normal color vision. I can't be ranger or SF, because you have to be airborne. However, coming out of Iraq after my third tour, Blackwater tracked me down and offered me a position with them. (I've been shot three time, blown up 9 times, put in a coma for a weekend, purple hearts and a bronze star for valor).
So you don't need to be SF to get noticed.
You don't sound old enough or mature enough anyway.
But, to answer your question, go Special Forces (green beret) in the army. Either that, or Seals. Any other "special force" is not a job, it's just a skill level in your normal duties. (There's ranger cooks, ranger finance clerks, ranger computer geeks, etc).
SF and seals are the actual trained, that's their job, not just a skill level, type of job.

You need to understand the responsibility of being apart of a "SF". It looks like you are far from prepared,and you need to learn what it means to become one,trust me,they don't see combat like COD,no offence.

Start from the basics,choose a branch,become a Soldier/Marine/Sailor (your pick),and prove yourself on the battlefield that you can handle an advance responsibility like "Special Forces",and they're all bad*** fighting for the same purpose,for your country. And always capitalize the name of your branch when you join.

If you want to be bad *** join a biker gang.

If you want something easy to join, join a club at your school.

But if you want to push your body and your mind to their limits and then exceed them and be all that you can possibly be attempt to be accepted into the S.E.A.L s or the Green Berets.

You do not join these fighting forces you are carefully chosen and put through months and years of training.

You do not sound old enough or mentally mature enough to handle this. Please stay in school and go into the work force.

Delta 6
If your going to try to join a Special Forces unit that is easiest to pass, don't even attempt to go to any of them. You shouldn't have that type of an attitude, when it comes to special operation forces. You should have an attitude of wanting the hardest training and becoming the very Best. Take a look at this website and decide for yourself which unit would best fit your interest.INFO- Delta Force recruits from Rangers and the Green Berets and the Marine Corp isn't a special Force unit, but a branch of the military. I'm not going to get mad at you like some people, when I first wanted to join the military I had little understanding, and ask questions like this(no offense). After a while you'll get a better understanding of how things in the military really works...GOOD LUCK AND NEVER QUIT(i'm still learning every day)



First of all, get your head straight kid. Being in the special forces isn't what you think. As for your question which is the easiest to pass? None of them are easy, at all. 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D) or Delta Force for short are the the United States primary counter terrorism unit and are widely considered the 'best' special forces unit in the US army. Also, why not Navy SEALs? They are among the top special forces in the United States if not the world. Also the Marine Corps are not a special forces unit, they are a just another branch of the army. The Rangers are not a special forces unit either, they are a special operations unit. Don't going into the army thinking that it's gonna be a walk in the park and that it's all about being a badass. So really, you only mentioned two special forces units in your question, one of which you told me not to say.

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