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What is the highest rank ever in the military?
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What is the highest rank ever in the military?

Steve R
I am restricting my answers tot eh US Army since I know most about it, but this answer may vary for other coutnries.

While some of the posters correctly point out that the President is the Commander in Chief of the military, this is not the correct answer since we have civilian control of the military. This means that the President, and the civilians below him such as the Secretary of the Army, are not "in" the Army.

So we now come down to which rank is in the Amry and the highest. As some of the posters correctly pointed out, the current highest rank is General, denoted by 4 stars as an insignia, which ash resulted in some people calling it a Four Star General. But the US Army does have a rank that is not currently used, General of the Army, which is denoted by five stars. This is normally a war time rank only.

But, you did ask about "ever". The highest rank ever used in the US Army was the rank of General of the Armies of the Untied States, and was denoted by six stars. This rank was awarded to only one live person (and one dead one posthumously). General John J. "Black Jack" Pershing was given this rank based on his command of the Allied Expeditionary Forces during World War I. As a trivia note, he did not ever wear the rank on his uniform but was authorized to design a new insignia. He always wore only the 4 stars of General.

In 1976, to commemorate the Bicentennial, George Washington was also promoted post-humously to this rank. Other than a ceremonial, this promotion has obviously had no real meaning in the real world.

commander and chief aka president bush

5 star general watch the tv show M.A.S.H

The highest rank in the military ever is 5 stars
Army-General of the Army
Navy its Fleet Admiral
Air force-General of the Air Force
The President is not in the military. thats why its called civillian leadership.

general of the army 5 stars

Admiral Nimitz had 5 stars, I thought he was the highest ranking, maybe Macarthur, of course there was Ike.....we all liked Ike he was a good man!

j H
the highest ranking member of any military branch is a 5 Start General. This rank is typically used for war time efforts only.

The 4 star generals are you chief of staff for the Army & Air Force. The Naval equivelient is chief of naval operations and for the Marines is Commandant.

kevin T
5 stars (General of the Army) and the last one to wear them was Omar Bradley in 1950. The Commander and Chief will always be a civillian by the requirements outlined in the Constitution.

George Washington was given the rank of 6 Star General back during the Revolution so that he would outrank all other generals. Since then there has been no higher military rank, save for the presidency which remains a civilian post.

Life after 45
Commander In Chief (The President of The United States)

General Salami

commander in chief aka the president.

there are several ranks that are classified though, but they still arent as high as George.

In the US, General of the Armies (six stars), or Commander in Chief, depending on how you define "highest rank".

Counting other countries, "Emperor of the Known World".

In America it is the prez

5 star general- usually only given during war time. But to be more specific, someone can be a 4 star general but be in a higher position of authority and/or have an older date of rank (the date he got promoted) than another 4 star general.

USA. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Rusty Shackleford
as far as i know the US military has given 5 stars generals, admirals are only given during a time of war. hasn't been any for a while.

CG-23 Sailor
To all those saying a 5 star Army General is the highest , you keep forgetting there are 5 star ranks in several of the branches and the Army is NOT above them.

Normally 4 stars are the highest. the Fifth star is a special rank only awarded during time of war.
the Marine Corp and the Coast Guard do not have a 5 star rank. only the Navy, Air Force, and Army do.
William Halsey was the last Fleet Admiral
Omar Bradly was the last General of the Army
Henry Arnold was the last (and only) General of the Air Force

Only the Army and Navy have a traditional special rank that is the equivelant of a sixth star.

Admiral of the Navy was only ever earned by one man. George Dewey

General of the Armies(plural) was awarded to John Pershing and posthumously to George Washington

and yes the President is the Commander-in-chief of all the armed forces but his is a civilian position (civilian leadership)

other than draft dodging Clinton, you have to go all the way back to Franklin Delano Roosevelt to find another President who has not served in the military ( and FDR had an excuse. Polio)

Commander in Chief is the highest but what about the Supreme Allied Commander of WWII? He was more powerful than Commander in Chief would be today.

camander - i went to military camp- i should know

Infinity General

acid tongue
commander in chief, but sadly they give it now a days to draft dodgers

President. . .he does manage the military

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