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What is the military record of John Wayne?
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What is the military record of John Wayne?

not only did he never serve;he made the film"the Green Berets" in exchange for a defrment so his son wouldn't be drafted to 'nam

MP US Army
The closest John Wayne was to being in the military is wearing the uniform in movies.

he has the same military record as Bill Clinton

Buster Poindexter
He tried to enlist in the NAVY, but was turned down. He never served in the military. He actually bought an old NAVY ship and turned it into a yacht and called it "Wild Goose". It was a former NAVY mine sweeper. But that's as close as he got to the real thing. He played many sea captain's and service men on the silver screen.

He never served

Ranger. I know that's so because I saw him many times on the movie. lol

Fish <><
He got a deferment in WW2 because he had a family.Not much of an excuse but it worked for him!

Marion Michael Morrison (John Wayne) was born in 1907. Too young to serve in World War I, and too old to serve in World War II.

mks 7-15-02
He Was Never In The Military. I Wonder How Much Money He Had To Stay Out Of The Military?

i dont know! never heard of him!



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