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What percentage of army soldiers will die in combat?
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What percentage of army soldiers will die in combat?

My husband and I are fighting about what percentage of army soldier will die in combat. I think less than 1% he thinks 30%. What is the truth?

It depends on what you're asking. Are you asking what percentage of all soldiers in the Army will die from combat? Or are you asking among the soldiers who will participate in combat at least once, how many will die? Or are you asking, among the soldiers who participate in combat on a regular basis, how many will die during deployment?

Less than 1% Of the half million or so over there, close to 5,000 are dead in the 10 years we've been there.

S K is the man
Your husband is a moron. Less than 1% will be killed in combat. Make sure you show him this post too. PS: In correction to BOTH of you. Soldiers are in the Army only. Service-members from all branches have been killed in this war; not just soldiers.

Fewer than expected, try talking to your husband about this he is going to need a strong wife.

Approximately 3000 people fighting for the Coalition have died in Afghanistan since 2001. There is over 1 and a half million stationed in Afghanistan right now. So, 3000/1500000 = 0.002%

Run till you puke, then run some more!
You have a greater chance of dying driving to work than a soldier does in Iraq/Afghan.

Of all the people who have deployed to Iraq and A-stan since 9-11, less than 1 % have been injured and "only" 0.02% have been killed by either combat or accident. 30%? LMFAO. Simple math. As of Dec 13, 2010 we have had 5,843 deaths of all types in both Iraq and A-stan. Using you hubby's math that would mena that we have only deployed 19, 281 people since 9-11. http://siadapp.dmdc.osd.mil/personnel/CASUALTY/gwot_component.pdf The VA estimates there are 1,946,042 GWOT Vets.

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