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What rank/careers would I qualify for with an ASVAB score of 69?
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What rank/careers would I qualify for with an ASVAB score of 69?

For the army?

CG-23 Sailor
Your AFQT Score of 69 on the ASVAB does not qualify you for rank or job positions in the military. It is ONLY USED FOR determining if you qualify to JOIN a particular branch of service. at 69 you qualify to join any branch. go here to learn more on the asvab: http://usmilitary.about.com/cs/joiningup/a/asvababcs_2.htm Click on my name and look up some older answers I have given IN DETAIL as to the ASVAB scores and what they mean. I dont have time now to repost it all again. It should be in my best answers list.

Your ASVAB score has nothing to do with advancing in rank, but it will qualify you for alot of MOSs. I would try to retake it, because the cut off to have just about any MOS of choice is a 70. But there are other ways to gain rank. College credits, a PT test, complete the pre-BCT checklist are some simple ways to get rank before shipping to BCT.

Rank? You earn rank over time, dedication and success of your duty. You aren't granted it because of the ASVAB.

Go and visit a military training NCO ( non commisioned officer/ SGT) at a military base near you and he/ she should give you some info that a recruiter may not tell you about.

quite a bit , but what matters are your line scores .. GT, ST, CO, etc ..

Ask a recruiter

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