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What tactics helped win battles in WW1?
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What tactics helped win battles in WW1?

rifles and mad men

A better question is what tactics brought the war to an eventual end.

They fought they war using 20th century weapons and 19th century tactics. In July on 1916 during the Battle of the Somme, roughly 30,000 British soldiers were mowed down by German machineguns in a single morning.

The nations of Europe denuded their countries of an entire generation of men.

Further to the above answer, Tanks were used with great effect to overun enemy position, when they didnt break down or get bogged in. And underground mines, either to plant huge explosives under a position, or as a surprise attacking point, were also effective.

There were no good tactics which is why the front line didn't move for 4 years and in every battle hundreds of thousands of men died in pointless bayonet charges against machine guns.

Dum Guy - There were several huge battles in that war where the front line would advance a few miles but then eventually go back to where it started.

This week is the 90th anniversery of the Battle of the Somme where A HALF A MILLION British Soldiers and a similar number of Germans died in one battle.

There was also Verdun, Marne, Passchendale, Vimy Ridge, Arras, and Cambrai (the first use of tanks).

Martin K
slaughetering more young innocent men that the other side.

The Landlord
BY 1918 both sides had developed tactics that look more like WW2 tactics that the tactics of the 1914 Field Manual.

WW1 was famous for its static trench warfare, frontal assaults that produced very little apart from massive casualties.

The German spring offensive in 1918 was hugely successful, until their supplies ran out. The used storm troopers armed with automatic weapons, rolling artillery and close air support. When the Allies mounted their counter offensive, that eventually ended the war, they used similar tactics.

The British Army pioneered the use of tanks, which when used well, were pretty effective

There were battles in WW1?!? I thought they just sent people to dig trenches and wait for shells in them, ocasionally advancing three meters through heavy machine gun fire. Of all wars, WW1 was probably the most illogical.

Germany developed "infiltration tactics" in 1917. Although first postulated in print by a French infantry captain in 1915, infiltration tactics were developed by the German Army and executed from autumn 1917. Their first use is credited to General Oskar von Hutier (1857-1934) in the German Eighth Army’s successful attack on Riga of 1 September 1917, and they were generally known in German circles as “Hutier tactics”.
Infiltration tactics were a radical departure from orthodox breakthrough assaults against entrenched positions. Instead of following a long preliminary bombardment with a massed infantry rush at wrecked forward trenches, small forces of “stormtroopers” (initially companies, later battalions) were slipped between enemy strongpoints after a short “hurricane” barrage. Their task was to surprise rear areas and artillery positions while heavily defended positions would be bypassed and dealt with by the main infantry attack, following up to storm frontline trenches, and forward units would be given priority in the use of aircraft support and reinforcements.

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