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Whats better force recon or navy seals?
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Whats better force recon or navy seals?

they are two different entities entirely

They are both great at what they do. One person suggested that SEALs only go through BUD/S. This is not true. If you become a member of either of these communities you will find yourself going to many schools and obtaining various advanced capabilities. They are usually the same schools for both. These days both groups are expanding and becoming a more used tool by the military. This is a good time to go into either one.

While the Navy SEaL school is the toughest military training on the planet, the Marine Force Recon is the better and more well-roundedly trained unit. To be a Navy SEaL, you need but to graduate the Navy SEaL school which is no easy task. However, to be a Marine Force Recon, you need to graduate the Recon Indoctrination Platoon, then onto the Amphibious Reconnaissance School. Once you graduate ARS, you will go on to the Navy's SEaL or BUDS school. If you complete that training, you then need to further your trianing with more special schools such as SCUBA, Airborne, MFF. Army Ranger, SERE, Sniper, Army Special Forces, Army jumpmaster, pathfinder, jungle training, etc.

The Navy SEaL school is the toughest, but that is only a portion of the trianing required to be in the Force Recon.

hillbillys with shotguns


Navy Seals. Bigger budget, means better training and equipment, and they get the bulk of the missions. Force Recon Marines have the option to go to BUDS, but no SEAL needs to go to BRC (basic reconnaisance course- the training school for Force Recon)

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